"The Poor Need Dignity" Says PM Modi In His Interview With Ray Dalio

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Taking to Twitter, US Billionaire Ray Dalio expressed his views on meeting PM Modi and his brief discussion with the latter on the eradication of poverty

Written By Prachi Mankani | Mumbai | Updated On:
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US Billionaire and influential global investor Ray Dalio on Thursday took to his Twitter and expressed his views on meeting PM Modi. The two had a brief on-stage discussion at Saudi's annual investor meeting on a range of subjects including the eradication of poverty. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who delivered the keynote address at Saudi Arabia's flagship annual investor meeting recently has been lauded as "one of the best" leaders in the world by the influential global investor.

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'Change in India adds to the change in the world'

On being asked how it is like to be in his shoes, PM answered that as he has lived in poverty, he therefore, knows what it is like.

"I don't have a political background. I come from a very common family. I have not seen poverty in the book, instead, I have lived it. I have lived my life in poverty. I have gotten here by selling tea on a railway platform, and therefore this pain comes naturally to me. I have managed to eliminate poverty in India at ar very steady rate in a few years."

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Furthermore, PM Modi stated that the eradication of poverty could only be through empowering the poor and dignifying them. Additionally, he also asserted that it gives him the utmost satisfaction when a poor person steps up to eliminate poverty. "My method to eliminate poverty is by empowering the poor. If we give power to the poor, then they themselves would come out of it. That is why there are various schemes."

"The second thing is that the poor need dignity."

PM Modi further explained his reasoning. "When I provided the toilet, I am not giving them a facility, I am giving them dignity. When I help a poor person open a bank account, his balance doesn't matter. The fact that he opened a bank account is his dignity that even though I am poor, I also go to the bank like a rich person. This empowerment, this dignity, changes his thinking and I have targetted that and have achieved success in my country. My inner satisfaction is that the poor are saying that they are going to eradicate poverty. Nothing beats that satisfaction. I keep trying to utilise my power with this nature of service. In other words, a change in India adds to the change in the world."

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