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Chhattisgarh CM's Father Pleads For 'euthanasia' If Ballot Paper Not Restored In Elections

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s father wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind concerning the credibility of the electronic voting machines (EVMs).

Bhupesh Baghel

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Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s father Nand Kumar Baghel on Tuesday, January 11, wrote to President Ram Nath Kovind concerning the credibility of the electronic voting machines (EVMs). He then urged to conduct elections in the country using ballot papers. Chhattisgarh CM's father heads Rashtriya Matdata Jagriti Manch, which creates awareness towards voting. He has pleaded for “euthanasia” if his demand is not considered. 

The letter by Bhupesh Baghel’s father stated, “All the constitutional rights of the citizens of the country are being violated on a large scale. The three pillars of democracy- Legislature, Judiciary and Executive, are being destroyed. The media is also working at the behest of the three pillars of democracy. No one is paying heed to the citizens of the country. There is a sense of fear among citizens".

Baghel's father writes to President Kovind

According to Bhupesh Baghel's father, the supreme right of democracy is the right to vote which is being executed through EVMs. And that these EVMs are not certified as a cent per cent accurate by any nationally or internally recognized institutions or governments. Therefore, conducting polls using the machines would violate the right to vote in India, which is the biggest democracy in the world.

Expressing his doubt over the conduct of elections, Baghe;s's father said, "There is no guarantee whether my vote is cast in favour of whom I pressed the button through the EVM machine".

Stating the fact that it is Election Commission and the Central government's constitutional responsibility to ensure transparent voting and counting system during the elections, he said, a system must be introduced where the results of the elections can be evaluated by the public, the voters themselves.

According to CM's father, the ballot paper and box system of elections is still encouraged in several developed countries across the world. 

Chhattisgarh CM's father urges ‘euthanasia’ if demand not fulfilled

Nand Kumar Baghel said, “In such circumstances, when all my rights are being violated, then the very purpose of my life is getting lost, and being a citizen of India, my conscience is not allowing me to live any longer. Honourable President Ji, you have taken an oath to protect the Constitution, but my constitutional rights are not being protected, due to which I have no option but to die". 

Requesting the President to issue an order to conduct elections using ballot papers in place of EVMs, he said, “if voting with ballot paper is not possible, then he (President) should allow me euthanasia on National Voters’ Day on January 25 this year”.

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