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Delhi CM Asks Centre To Cancel CBSE Exams, Says '65% COVID Patients Under 45 Years'

“This wave is dangerous,” alerted Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal while noting that in the last 24 hours, the capital recorded at least 13,500 fresh cases of COVID-19.

Delhi CM

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“This wave is dangerous,” alerted Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on April 13 while noting that in the last 24 hours the national capital recorded at least 13,500 fresh cases of COVID-19 which is the biggest single-day spike so far, even higher than the peak in November 2020. Addressing the press on Tuesday, Kejriwal also said that as per the data collected in the last 10-15 days, at least 65% of the patients are below the age of 45 and reiterated the importance of the safety of especially the youth. Delhi Chief Minister warned the young citizens to only get out of the house when necessary and practice the essential COVID-19 protocols. 

“Corona cases are increasing rapidly. As per the report available to me, 13,500 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. During the peak in November, 8500 cases were reported, compared to that we are already reporting 13,500 cases,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

“This wave is very dangerous. As per the data of the last 10-15 days, 65% of the patients are below 45 yrs of age. Your health & life is very important to us. So, I'd like to appeal to the youth to step out of the house only when it is necessary & follow all COVID protocols,” he added.

CBSE should be cancelled: Kejriwal

Kejriwal also noted that in the upcoming days while India is rocked with the sudden surge of cases, at least 6 lakh children in Delhi will be writing their exams for Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams. Hence, according to Delhi CM, these centres can become ‘major hotspots’ that could further lead to a large-scale spread of highly infectious disease. Kejriwal appealed to the centre to ‘cancel’ the exams and alternative methods should be determined.

Delhi CM said, “6 lakh children in Delhi are going to write CBSE exams. Nearly 1 lakh teachers will be a part of it. These can become major hotspots leading to the large-scale spreading of Corona. Children's lives & health is very important to us. I request Centre to cancel CBSE exams.”

“Some alternative methods could be thought of. Children can be promoted this time on the basis of either an online method or internal assessment. But CBSE exams should be cancelled,” he added.

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