Dussehra 2019: Is Dussehra Celebrated In Chennai Without Ravan Dahan?

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Vijayadashami is observed in different ways in different parts of the country. In Chennai, Dussehra is celebrated in a unique way without Ravan Dahan. Read more

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dussehra 2019

Dussehra, also is known as Vijayadashmi, is a major festival celebrated by Hindus at the end of Navratri every year. The festival is called Vijayadashmi in the southern part of India, where it marks Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura. In the North, the festival is called as Dusshera and is marked as Rama’s victory over the Ravan. Dussehra is celebrated by towering effigies of Ravan (which symbolises the evil) burnt with fireworks, marking evil’s destruction. Dussehra is observed in different ways in different parts of the country. In Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Ravan Dahan is not practised. Instead, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated in a different way here as compared to other states. People in the city also call this festival as Mahishasura Dahan but the burning of an idol practise is a rare sight.

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Largest Gathering for Vijaydashmi in Chennai is at the Mutharamman Temple at Kulashkarappatitinum in Thoothkudi

Take a look at some interesting and unique facts about Vijaydashmi celebration at the Mutharamman Temple.

  • Celebrate with Unity: The festival of Vijaydashmi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People from different walks of life and different economic backgrounds come together to celebrate the festival. Irrespective of different professions or castes all the devotees pray together.
  • Kolu Dolls: The devotees also keep their own Kolu doll idols at their respective homes. These Kolu dolls are different replicas of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Every family has a distant doll as compared to others, which is similar to Ganpati festival celebrations in Maharashtra. They invite other family members, relatives, friends to seek blessings of their respective Kolu doll.
  • Roleplay: All the devotees assemble at the Mutharamman temple dressed as goddess Durga or in other various avatars of Devatas and Asuras. Mostly young children turn up, dressed as Hindu Gods or Goddesses on the occasion of Vijaydashmi in Thoothkudi.
  • Theatre: Plays are also conducted and many devotees participate to perform in the front of the local audience. They come in huge numbers to seek blessings of idols at the temple. The devotees also dance, rejoicing the spirit of Vijaydashmi, which is good over evil.

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Other events locations for Vijadashmi celebrations in Chennai:

  • Vijaya Dashmi and Akshay Abhyasam at Index Academy Shrimat Montessori School . 1, Pillayar, Koi St.Moovendhar Nagar, Chennai Tamil Nadu
  • Kings Dussehra Celebration at NSK Salai, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Chennai Tamil Nadu

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