'Go Back Modi' Hatched, Pushed From Pakistan; Intel Report Accessed

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Republic TV has accessed a confidential intelligence report that details exactly what a spooked Pakistan was up to and its link to the #GoBackModi hashtag

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Updated On:
Imran Khan

While the bonhomie between PM Modi and Xi Jinping was more than evident on Friday in Mamallapuram, it has emerged that a devious, desperate and paltry ploy was also being perpetrated from across ther border in an effort to undermine the two heads-of-states' second informal summit. Republic TV has accessed a confidential intelligence report that details exactly what a spooked Pakistan was up to and its link to the #GoBackModi hashtag that trended on social media.

The hashtag was no 'organic' trend, it turns out. It was planned, manufactured and pushed online from Pakistan. The intel report details how handles from the length and breadth of Pakistan were utilised for propagating anti-India posts, and more so, how many of the handles that were pushing #GoBackModi were just a day earlier. 

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The map detailing the origin of the tweets pushing the hashtag shows Pakistan's eastern cities to be the source, particularly around areas like Islamabad and Karachi. The western region, which includes the restive Balochistan, meanwhile, doesn't figure as much.

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Furthermore, the Pakistan-based accounts tweeting with the hashtag all appear to be 'engaging' with one another, in an effort to increase virality.

The tweets themselves make religious, ethnic and similar slurs against India and Indians, apart from the regular trolling, and come just weeks after Republic also busted the ISI's agenda to push fake news about Kashmir.

Here are some of them:

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That the Pakistan administration is jittery about the Chinese President visiting India comes as no surprise. It has been a humilating week for Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. He had visited China just a few days earlier, with Pak Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa chaperoning him. Bajwa, at one point, even had to intervene as Imran proved himself to be woefully incapable of exhibiting the correct diplomatic protocol. More so, Pakistan also watched as China unequivocally said that Kashmir is a bilateral matter for India and Pakistan to address. Imran Khan had previously attempted to use China's position in the UNSC to internationalise Kashmir, but was thwarted.

China has also made big statements about the criticality of its relationship with India. Shortly before Xi Jinping arrived, state-run mouthpiece wrote about hos India-China cooperation is the key to the 'Asian Century.' Additionally, China's envoy also played down border issues that have come up from time to time between the two countries, particularly in the case of Doklam. 

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