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Gujarat: Man Uses Glue On Genitals Rather Than Condom, Dies Of Multiple Organ Failure

In a shocking incident from Gujarat, a man lost his life due to multiple organ failures as he put adhesive glue on his genitals instead of contraceptives.


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In a shocking incident from Gujarat, a 25-year-old man lost his life due to multiple organ failure as he applied adhesive glue on his genitals as a replacement for a condom. According to the Gujarat Police, the man had gone to a hotel with his fiancé and had ended up applying a strong epoxy adhesive on his genitalia to ensure protection during sexual intercourse.

A day after the incident, the youngster was found unconscious in the shrubs near his place of living. He was found by his friend and was taken to his house and when his condition deteriorated, he was then rushed to Civil Hospital where he passed away. Following the incident, the police have registered a case of accidental death and are investigating all aspects of the case.

According to witness statements, the police officials have shared that the individual had gone with his fiancé and they suspect that the duo was consuming drugs in the room as well. Moreover, the adhesive used by him was one that is normally used by people to get intoxicated.

"We suspect that there were more drugs being consumed by them in the room. This glue is a strong one that drug addicts usually sniff to get intoxicated. We will investigate all aspects of this incident," a senior police officer said. The police are questioning the fiancé of the deceased and other friends who might have known about his involvement with drugs.

The entire incident has also triggered a debate on the importance of sex education in the state. While there is still taboo attached to this, there are several educators and activists who are trying to raise awareness about the importance of sex education.

"There is hardly any research or reference available. The government also does not take responsibility for the issue. This is the need of the hour to educate people on the matter. Especially in the rural areas where the awareness is just not there," said a Primary School teacher in Morbi on the condition of anonymity.

In 2003, the Supreme Court had passed a judgment on a PIL made by an NGO over including sex education as a part of the Fundamental Rights provided by the Indian Constitution. The apex court of India had noted that this cannot be done.

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