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Haryana: 99-year-old Woman Beats COVID-19 In Home Quarantine With Aid From ASHA Workers

Daksh, Laddo Devi's grandson said ASHA workers and Ayushman Bharat officials helped the family during her home quarantine treatment.

99-yr-old woman

Source- ANI

Laddo Devi, a 99-year-old woman from Gurugram, Haryana has recovered from COVID-19 solely by staying in-home quarantine. Laddo Devi's grandson, Daksh informed that observing the present scenario of health infrastructure, the family did not admit her to the hospital. They rather opted for treating her in-home quarantine along with the assistance of ASHA workers and Ayushman Bharat officials. 

Daksh further informed, "She is 99 years old as per the document. But she says that she has seen the 1918 Spanish flu, so I believe her age must be more than what the document declares. She was quarantined after testing positive for the virus."

Laddo Devi's grandson also informed that once her oxygen level dropped down to 82, but with natural means of treatment it got back to normal. He noted that the doctor recommended pumping treatment, breathing exercise helped her grandmother a lot. Daksh said that feeding and giving her water every half an hour was very important, so even if Laddo Devi refused, he kept on feeding her to strengthen the immunity. 

"I was tested negative only some time ago so I knew I would not contract it again. With all the precautions, I looked after her throughout her quarantine", said Daksh.

Laddo Devi's family also planted a variety of plants like the snake plant, money plant, and others for a natural supply of oxygen, and kept her in the fresh open air.

Haryana's COVID situation

The state of Haryana is currently standing on a total caseload of 7.59 lakh with a total of 8,461 deaths and 7.36 lakh people recovered. The state in the last 24 hours reported 1,171 fresh cases, lost 78 people to COVID, and successfully discharged 2,705 patients. The vaccination drive of the state stands at 63,211 people vaccinated with the first dose and 4,148 people with the second dose in the last 24 hours.

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