Here's How Republic TV's Investigative Team Unmasked The Front For Khalistani groups

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Republic TV’s Special Investigation Team set out on a mission in one of safe havens of Khalistani terror groups supporters – United Kingdom

Written By Shawan Sen | Mumbai | Updated On:

They assassinated a Chief minister, killed several right-wing leaders and carried out several bombings -- all in the name of creating Khalistan. Khalistani propaganda appears to be on a upswing albeit in a new avatar. Khalistan terrorism is surging noticeably in India since 2015. Several terrorist strikes and assassination bids have been carried out in Punjab in the last few years. In 2017, a Hindu sect leader Amit Sharma was killed in Ludhiana and in 2016, two right wing leaders were killed and three attempts of assassination was carried out.

Keeping this in mind, Republic TV’s Special Investigation Team set out on a mission in one of safe havens of Khalistani terrorist groups – United Kingdom. Several pro Khalistani groups have been thriving in United Kingdom under the garb of a peaceful resistance movement. In fact several pro-Khalistani groups have mastered the art of hoodwinking international authorities by aggressively selling a false narrative about India. Their sole aim is to make the international community believe that India has been persecuting Sikhs for decades now.

After a deep investigation, Republic TV narrowed down on some of the key figures in United Kingdom who have been working actively in London for the Khalistani movement. The idea was to unmask their real faces – people with a simple agenda of breaking India by peddling lies.

Borrowing the words of one of the Khalistani leaders stung by Republic TV, “we (Khalistani groups) have moved from being predators to scavengers.” This certainly sums up the so called “policy change” of Khalistani leaders. While they are aggressively campaigning saying that this is a peaceful resistance movement, let us not get fooled by this cloak and dagger strategy.

One the one hand they say that there is no link with Pakistan, but then they go ahead to say that Pakistan wants to be their ally. One the one hand they say that they want a peaceful solution and then they say that they will continue with their violent means of carrying out attacks on people like Manjit Singh GK and Lt General Kuldeep Brar.  

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What certainly appears from this investigation is that the Khalistani groups have made a track change in their entire operation. They have realized that having countries like China on their side would pay more dividend. They admit that they are willing to finance all anti-India groups but would rather prefer to do all of this by not coming out in the open.

Republic TV certainly isn’t taking any of the claims made by the Khalistani leaders at face value. But claims like they have funded the Aam Aadmi Party in the Punjab elections they lost certainly merits a thorough investigation. Not once but several times, Dal Khalsa leader Gurcharan  Singh made some tall claims of financing AAP in the elections to upset the political setup in India.

The question we are asking is that by propagating such lies, can pro-Khalistani groups be given a free hand on foreign soil?

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