Howdy Modi: All You Need To Know About The Famous NaMo Thali!

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Chef Kiran Verma who runs a restaurant in Housten has come up with special ‘NaMo Thali’ for Prime Minister Narendra Modi while he will be there for Howdy Modi.

Written By Ria Kapoor | Mumbai | Updated On:
Howdy Modi

Chef Kiran Verma who runs a restaurant in Houston has come up with special ‘NaMo Thali’ for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Indian leader will be attending a community summit hosted by Texas India Forum. Aptly titled, 'Howdy, Modi!' the event will witness a large gathering of about 50,000 people.

In an exclusive interview to Republic TV, she gave a glimpse of what the NaMo thali would look like, she also added that it wasn’t the whole thali and the contents of the actual thali will only be revealed after it has been served to the Prime minister.
While selectively talking about the dishes in the thali, she said that before she came up with the idea, she extensively researched about what PM Modi’s mother had made for him on his birthday and has, in her thali, tried to incorporate as much of it as she could.

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Here’s a list of dishes that we so far know are a part of the NaMo thali:

Methi Thepla

Methi Thepla is a Gujarati dish and is popularly eaten for breakfast. It’s a thin layer of bread which is served as a side dish with a meal. Many people also eat it as a snack. It can be accompanied by and tastes best with yoghurt, garlic chutney or mango pickle.


A samosa is a fried or baked Indian snack that is often filled with a variety of ingredients like potatoes, peas and onions. It has many forms but is famous for its triangular shape. It is famous in various Indian places and is savoured with evening tea. It tastes best with Imly chutney or Mint chutney.

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Mint Chutney

Mint chutney is a form of paste that is made by grinding mint leaves and adding a lot of spices to make it flavourful. It is usually served as an accompaniment for various Indian snacks.


Kachori, much like Samosa is a spicy snack and is quite famous in various Indian states. Usually round, in shape, Kachori to is filled with different ingredients and is best served with chickpeas and imly chutney.

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Imly Chutney

Imly chutney is a paste made out of tamarind and is spiced up with ginger powder or dry ginger. It is served as a side dip with Indian snacks like Samosa and Kachori.


Khandvi is a Gujarati dish and consists of tight yellow rolls which are made from gram flour and yoghurt. It is readily available across India and. It is famous as an appetizer or snack and is often teamed up with garlic chutney.

Dal Khichdi

Khichdi is basically a mixture of dal and rice and is commonly eaten as a light meal in various parts of India. Many people like to eat it topped with desi ghee. Other variations include bajra and mung dal khichdi.

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