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Independence Day: 5 Tri-colour Dishes That Could Be More Than A Feast For The Eyes

Written By Richa Mukherjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day on August 15
  • Tri-colour food could definitely be on the menu as far as the Independence Day celebration is concerned

Independence Day holds a special significance in every Indian's heart. Infused with a patriotic fervor, it is a day which that unites the whole nation as citizens pay homage to those bravehearts who fought relentlessly against the colonial atrocities so that future generations can live and breathe freely and with freedom. 

In celebration of all we hold dear, it's not uncommon to see the Tricolour in every street and every home on Independence Day, and the continuous play of patriotic films on TV, so much so that it begs the question being asked - why should food not be patriotically-themed as well? After all, the diversity and plurality of Indian cuisine means there's no end to possibilities of celebrating Independence day on your plate as well:

1. Tri-colour Rice

Rice serves as a staple for many regions of India. For some, their meal is incomplete without the presence of rice. Something as basic as rice which inevitably features in the dinner menu of most households can be made to espouse patriotism with a dash of food colouring. Easy to make, this tri-colour rice is a tasty must on Independence Day, with peas pulao and tamarind rice possibly sandwiching plain white rice.

2. Tri-colour Halwa

Indians are known to have a sweet tooth. Be it Diwali, Eid or any other festival, a celebration doesn't quite feel like it without the taste of Halwa. As alluring as it looks, the sweet taste of jaggery serves as perfect end to a wholesome meal on Independence Day, and it's quite easy to use a little food colour to make it an Independence Day special.

3.Tri-colour Pasta 

A simple snack like pasta can become special with a tinge of green and orange to it. While watching one's favourite patriotic movie with family and friends, this can serve as a perfect mood lifter. Multicolour pasta is available at most super markets, while carrots and the right bell peppers can make it picture perfect.

4. Tri-colour Cookie

As adorable as they look, tri-colour cookies could be a feast for more than just the eyes. Easy to bake, these cookies in the Indian resembling the Indian flag are ideal for munching on Independence Day.

5. Tri-colour Cake 

Cake may not be Indian, but it's fair to say it is a part of the global mainstream as far as celebrations are concerned, so why not on Independence Day?

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