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Independence Day: Imran Khan's Repeated Attempts To Bait India Find No Takers, PM Modi Obliterates Pakistan Without A Single Mention

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  • India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day and addressed the nation
  • Without naming Pakistan, he sent a clear and strong warning to Pakistan
  • Even as Imran Khan went on to name RSS, PM Modi and BJP

On the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort in New Delhi and hoisted the national flag. Beginning his speech by paying tribute to the martyrs and those who fought for the freedom of the nation, PM Modi went on to talk on a range of issues including a 10-week report card of his new government.  However, even as he went on to speak on terrorism, he did not name Pakistan or Pakistan PM even once. In contrast, Imran Khan in his address on Pak's independence day a day ahead targeted the PM, the RSS and the BJP, apart fro issuing a threat to India and assuring 'help' to Kashmiris. 

PM Modi's speech against terrorism

In his fiery speech, making an obvious reference to Pakistan but not naming it, PM Modi said: "India is fighting strongly against terror. Terrorism is against humanity and therefore all the humane forces around the world should come together to fight against terror. We must expose those who shelter terrorists, provoke terrorism and export terror. India is playing an active role in exposing them. There are people who have spread terror not only in India but around the sub-continent. Bangladesh is fighting with it, Afghanistan is also fighting with it, in Sri Lanka, they killed innocent people praying in churches. When we fight against terror, we also think about the peace and safety of the entire sub-continent. Our neighbour - a very good friend Afghanistan will celebrate its freedom after 4 days, I wish Afghanistan best wishes on completing their 100 years of freedom. Those who are spreading terror and fear-mongering, to them my government's stance is clear and I will not hesitate once to say it. Our army, our soldiers our security agencies all worked together and they are spending their present so that our future is safe. I salute all of them. I pay my tributes to them." 

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Imran Khan targets PM Modi, RSS and BJP

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in his August 14 speech, issued a warning to India, targeted the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and compared it to the 'Nazi ideology'. A visibly shaken Khan stammered and stuttered as he delivered his Independence Day speech in the PoK Assembly. 

Naming Prime Minister Modi, Khan said, "We are against Modi's ideology. We have to fight with RSS ideology, even Modi is from the RSS. They hate Muslims. This ideology killed Mahatma Gandhi. We saw what happened in Godhra with Muslims in 2002, we saw what happened with Babri Masjid. We are not able to see what has happened with Muslims in the name of a cow in India. Everyone is tensed, everyone is in fear as to what will happen when the curfew is lifted," the Pakistani Prime Minister said, further attempting to divide India on grounds of religion.  

Accusing the BJP of behaving like Hitler's Nazi party, the Pakistani PM said that he 'fears' the Indian government want to conduct ethnic cleansing in the valley.

"I fear, they want to conduct ethnic cleansing. Their party (BJP) is acting exactly like the Nazis of Hitler's Germany. I was reading the reports of (Indian) election, their party has behaved like the Nazi party. Their party has pushed the Opposition to the wall. They have destroyed the very fabric of Indian democracy and ideals of India. Their actions also stand in contrast to the thinking of India's founding fathers, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru. They have destroyed the secular. This is the ideology that murdered Mahatma Gandhi," Khan added.  

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PM Modi's strong message to 'those nurturing terror'

Even though Imran Khan attempted deliberately to provoke the Indian side or rather provoke PM Modi for a response, the Prime Minister in his well-crafted speech gave a stern and clear message to 'those sheltering terrorists, exporting terrorism', but had not dignified them with a direct response. He did not name Pakistan but said that India is committed to fighting against terror and will expose those aiding the terrorists. 

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