India Acknowledges Ford's First Female Engineer On Engineer's Day

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India celebrates Engineer's Day, acknowledges Damyanti Gupta, the first female engineer to find their footing at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, USA.

Written By Ankita Chakraborty | Mumbai | Updated On:

Damyanti Hingorani Gupta is the first female engineer to be hired by Ford Motor Company in the USA. Damyanti Gupta was raised by progressive parents who believed in education. Gupta attended an engineering college in India before moving to the US. She also met her husband Subhash Gupta at Ford. 

Damyanti Hingorani Gupta, an inspiration 

Doctor Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and medical reporter, speaks of his mother often. He fondly calls her as the 'woman who changed his life' on his blogs. Speaking of Damyanti's struggles, Doctor Gupta states that her mother was an immigrant who was the product of the India-Pakistan partition. After coming across a biography of Henry Ford at the age of 19, Damyanti started paving the way for her position in the Ford Motor Company.

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Engineer's Day 

On the occasion of Engineers Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to twitter to extend his tribute. Several noted politicians in an effort to remember the country's engineering stalwarts took to Twitter to express their gratitude. Engineer's Day is celebrated in India, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. India celebrates it on September 15 to show respect for the late M Visvesvaraya, who built the Krishna Raja Sagara dam of Mysuru city.

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