Inside Story Of Binoy Kodiyeri’s Last Attempt To Settle The Rape Case With The Help Of A Top Lawyer: Sources

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Republic Media Network has the inside story of how Binoy tried to salvage the situation and settle the case with the rape survivor before it took a legal turn.

Written By Dinesh Mourya | Mumbai | Updated On:

Binoy Kodiyeri, son of top CPI(M) Kerala leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan has been absconding since last few days.

A bar dancer, who hails from Bihar has filed a rape case against Binoy in Mumbai’s Oshiwara police station. In her complaint, the rape survivor has alleged that Binoy had married her and they have an 8-year-old son. In 2018, she came to know that Binoy had cheated on her and that he is already married. 

This revelation soured their relationship. In the month of January 2019, the rape survivor had sent a legal notice to the victim and demanded Rs 5 crore for maintenance to raise their child. But after receiving a legal notice from the rape survivor, Binoy refuted all the claims of the rape survivor. Binoy said he had never married her and that the 8-year-old child is also not his son.    

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Republic Media Network has the inside story of what happened later as Binoy tried to salvage the situation.

After two months, with the help of a writer, the rape survivor contacted one of the top lawyers of India who is famous for his mediation skills, sources said. This top lawyer has many high profile clients in India and abroad, and his mediation skills are very well known in the legal fraternity. Coincidentally, the top lawyer hails from the same place where Binoy lives.

Below is the renowned lawyer's version of the events where Binoy attempted to settle the case with the rape survivor

The top lawyer contacted Binoy’s family through a common friend. Binoy agreed to meet the rape survivor to settle the case. A total of two meetings were held to settle the case.

First meeting 

This meeting was held on 19th April 2019. But in this meeting, Binoy sent a female relative. The meeting was held at the office of the top lawyer’s Mumbai office. The relative wanted to know the truth about the allegations leveled by the rape survivor against Binoy. The rape survivor narrated her story to her.

During the meeting, she asked a few questions to the rape survivor. The top lawyer told Republic TV that, after the meeting, she was not satisfied with the story briefed to her by the rape survivor. The meeting ended without any conclusion.   

Second Meeting 

The second meeting was held on 29th April 2019. For this meeting, Binoy personally came to Mumbai to settle this issue once and for all. In this meeting apart from this top lawyer and Binoy, the rape survivor was with the writer who is helping her to get justice. During the meeting, the writer spoke on behalf of the rape survivor. Binoy also put his points in the meeting. The top mediator tried to bring both the parties on common consensus so that this matter will be settled.

During the meeting, The rape survivor was ready to settle the issue. She said Binoy should accept that her son is his child but Binoy was not ready to accept it. To this, the rape survivor demanded a DNA test of Binoy to prove that her child is his son. The rape survivor's demand made Binoy furious and arguments broke out. Due to the behavior of Binoy, the rape survivor got disheartened and started crying.

The situation was about to go out of hand. This mediator did not expect such a situation will arrive. He immediately told both the parties to wind up their meeting as it was his main corporate office where all the big clients come with their cases. The meeting thus ended abruptly and Binoy’s last attempt to settle the case failed.  

Now, both the parties are fighting their legal cases in the court but the top lawyer is still very confident that maybe after a few weeks or months if Binoy feels like settling the case again, then he will again knock on his door.

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