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Jammu-based Environmentalist Creates Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottles

An environmentalist from Jammu has begun to create vertical gardens using plastic bottles in a bid to reduce pollution and conserve water.


An environmentalist from Jammu, Dr Nazia Rasool Latifi, has begun to create vertical gardens using plastic bottles in a bid to reduce pollution and conserve water. While speaking to ANI, Latifi said that the vertical garden not only reduces environmental pollution but also benefits the nature in several ways. She believes that the gardens help reduce stress and also add to the local beauty. 

Latifi told the media agency that the vertical garden helps to conserve water “as the plants are vertically arranged to ensure minimum wastage of water”. She added, “I had attended a seminar following which I got this idea. I love nature and had the passion to do something so I started with this”. 

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Latifi informed that she has previously made the vertical garden at Government College for Women in Gandhi Nagar, where she was teaching. She has also made a vertical garden at Police Public School, the University of Jammu, following which many organisations approached her. She went on to explain that drip irrigation is used in the process so that less amount of water is used. 

“Amid COVID-19, when stress is on a healthy environment, I feel that the vertical gardens are a good concept. I also demonstrate the concept to students so that they learn the concept and it can also become a source of income for them,” Latifi added. 

While several other professors appreciated her ‘eco-friendly concept’, Latifi said that in order to make the concept more attractive, she painted the plastic bottles with cartoon figures and other illustrations. Professors believe that Latifi’s method of gardening would send the message of resource conservation, waste management, and encourage eco-friendly attitude among the students. 

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Professors and students laud the concept 

Raj Kumar Rampal, a professor, told ANI that the cockpit should not only be restricted to outdoor, but it can also be used inside homes and offices as well for a fresh and healthy environment. While calling the method ‘cost-efficient’, Rampal said that that he appreciates Latifi’s efforts and idea for making vertical gardens. He went on to call the method ‘interesting and important. 

He added, “This concept can also be used to grow medicinal plants and for other utility purposes. In view of COVID-19, when patients need more oxygen, if we bring this concept indoors, we can also get sufficient amounts of oxygen”. 

Several students have also appreciated the concept. They even look forward to decorating their college walls with vertical gardens. A student Rasool Ahmad lauded the idea and called it ‘innovative’. Ahmad said that the concept can be used indoors. He added, “We can see that solid waste is so common, and this method ensures the reduction of plastic waste and reduces threats to the environment”. 

Another student, Aneesa Matto said, “As a Botany student, this concept is of much significance to me. Whoever passes by this vertical garden, take a minute to note it which reflects its aesthetic value. Apart from that, it is an eco-friendly concept as we also learn waste management from it. In addition, it also has a recreational benefit. We want to take this concept forward”. 

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