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Kerala Beedi Worker Donates Life-savings Of Rs 2 Lakh To CM's COVID-19 Vaccine Fund

The beedi worker's efforts were also saluted by Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan himself who tweeted to share the heartwarming story.

Image- ANI

Image- ANI

In an exemplary show of humanity, a 63-year-old beedi worker from Kerala donated his entire life savings of Rs 2 Lakhs to Kerala Chief Minister's vaccine fund. 

Differentially-abled Janardhanan from Kozhikode said that he had collected Rs 2,00,850 by saving up the pension from his retirement from the Kerala Dinesh Society, the gratuity he received upon his wife's death and the monthly disability pension that he is entitled to. Following, Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan's “Vaccine Challenge”, which aims to provide free COVID-19 vaccines to all citizens of Kerala, Janardhanan decided to donate his life savings to the CDRF. The donation leaves him with only a meagre amount of Rs 850.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Janardhanan, 63, said, "This COVID-19 pandemic is spreading everywhere and taking many lives. Why should I sit on my money when others need to get vaccinated? I heard that the government is going to charge for vaccination. So I decided to contribute so that those who do not have the money should get free vaccines."

Notably, the good samaritan's efforts were brought forth by officials of the Kannur District Co-operative Bank who apprised the 63-year-old of his bank balance after he decided to withdraw the money. "When he withdrew ₹2 lakh, only 850 was left in his account. We asked him repeatedly whether he really wants to transfer it to CMDRF. He told us he was a beedi worker and it's his life savings. But he was adamant and so we transferred," said the bank official.

The beedi worker's efforts were also saluted by CM Vijayan himself who tweeted to share the heartwarming story.

Opening up vaccination for all those over 18 years of age, the Centre has announced a liberalised vaccine policy allowing state governments and private hospitals to purchase vaccines from manufacturers. 

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