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Kolkata FF Lottery Results Today | Updates | Saturday | October 12

Kolkatta lottery results will be declared today. Read on to know more about the Kolkata FF games lottery winners and how the winner is entitled to be a King.

Kolkata FF Resilts Today

Kolkata garners high participation in lotteries. The Kolkata FF Lottery is very popular in the region amongst lottery players. The Kolkata FF lottery is in the form of ‘Satta Matka’ gaming style. Even though Matka is banned in India, there are few monitored working lotteries like Kolkata FF. The winner of the game is the one who guesses the correct number after placing their guesses. Other than the above-mentioned lottery,  Worli and Kalyan Matka games are also very popular in the region.

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All about Kolkata FF lottery

Interested participants will have to log on to the official website of the Kolkatta FF, The results for the Kolkata FF lottery will be declared today on October 12, 2019. There are various kinds of Bazi’s in Kolkata FF that the players have to guess. Unlike regular lotteries, where the numbers are pre-determined, in this game, the player has to calculate the passing record number.  Remember that this game can be played only after ample practice. The games have guessing tutorial videos and guiding videos on YouTube which can further give insights to Kolkata FF. 

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Prizes to be won in Kolkata FF lottery

Prizes to be won in Kolkata FF are varied. This game works on guessing a number by the participant. Also, the winning amount can vary from player to player. One Satta Matka can have multiple people guessing and the correct guess wins all the amount in one league. The game can be started with a certain amount at hand. Kolkatta FF has multiple winners. Some Kolkata FF has four Bazi in league winners and some have eight Bazi in league winners. The winner of the game is called the 'King'. However, there are a few more winners who are granted consolation prizes. Along with Kolkata FF, there are few other authorized lotteries in the region, such as the Kalyan and Worli lottery.

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