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Kulbhushan Jadhav Verdict | 'Not Your Fault.. Judgment Delivered In English': Giriraj Singh Scalds Pakistan For 'Big Win For Pak' Spin On ICJ's Verdict

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Published:


  • BJP leader Giriraj Singh has taken a jibe at Pakistan after the latter put forth that it had secured a big win at the ICJ in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case
  • Giriraj Singh has said that the reason for Pakistan's confusion is because the order is in English
  • Singh slammed Pakistan and said that it was obvious they did not get their facts straight since the verdict was delivered in English

BJP leader and union minister Giriraj Singh scalded Pakistan on Wednesday after the neighbouring country attempted to spin the International Court of Justice's (ICJ's) verdict in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case wherein India was handed a big win, and Pak, a dressing down over its quasi-judicial military courts. 

Following the verdict, which saw the bench ruling unanimously in India's favour on 8 out of 8 counts, including staying the death sentence and granting India consular access, the Pakistan government became a laughing stock when they tweeted something completely contrary to the facts. Taking to Twitter the Pakistan government tweeted that the decision and the verdict came in their favour. Here's their tweet:

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Reacting to this, the BJP parliamentarian from Bihar's Begusari hit out at the unrealistic stance of the Pakistan government, shaming Pakistan and saying that the reason Pakistan thought it was a winner was because the verdict was delivered in English. Here's his Singh's tweet:

Following Singh's tweet, Twitteratti had a moment of great laughter and decided to join Singh's mocking party, since English was always a task for Pakistan. What happened next, was a series of utter chaos that unfolded in the BJP parliamentarian's Twitter thread. Here are some of the tweets:

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