Maharashtra Lottery: State Lottery Results | Vaibhavlaxmi | Oct 4

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The Maharashtra Lottery is very famous, Vaibhavlaxmi being one of the state's lotteries. Read on to the know updates, announcements and results for today.

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The Maharashtra State Lottery commenced from April 12, 1969. Maharashtra state lotteries conduct the ‘Vaibhavlaxmi’ Lottery every Friday at 4:15 pm. The lotteries conducted by the Maharashtra state are legal under the amendment and have been active since then. The Vaibhavlaxmi Lottery results for October 4 will be announced soon. 

Maharashtra: State Lottery Results | ‘Vaibhavlaxmi’ Lottery Results announced at 04:15 pm; 1st prize to be ₹ 10,000.

The results of the several lotteries regulated by the Directorate of Maharashtra State Lotteries are announced every day. The Maharashtra Lottery has been very helpful to numerous people. More than 2327 people have earned in lakhs in the past 5 years due to the Maharashtra State Lottery. The government of Maharashtra organizes different types of lotteries each day between Monday to Sunday under the 'Maharashtra State Lotteries' banner. The Maharashtra State-run lottery is totally trustworthy and provides an opportunity for the citizens to win a large prize amount from a very small investment and fulfill their dreams. The revenue generated from the Maharashtra Lottery sales also helps the state to improve the infrastructure, provide health and education facilities, enhance the status of women and child welfare, for the agriculture sector, etc. Simultaneously, many unemployed people are engaged in the sale of lottery tickets and thus the lottery provides them full time or part-time employment.

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Prizes to be won in the Vaibhavlaxmi Lottery

The Friday weekly lottery is titled as the Vaibhavlaxmi Lottery. The first prize winner gets to take home a large sum of ₹ 7 lakhs. The second prize winner of the lottery gets to take ₹ 2,000. Apart from the first and second, there are multiple awards. Whereas multiple third prize winners get ₹ 1,000. The winners of the lottery at the fourth position get ₹ 500 and fifth place winners get ₹ 200. There is a consolation prize of ₹ 7,000 for multiple randomly selected numbers. A sixth prize of ₹ 100 is also distributed. The participants of the lottery can check the results on the official website once announced i.e  

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