Man Vs Wild: Bear Grylls Reveals Similarity Between Narendra Modi & Barack Obama, Reveals Special Chai Moment With PM

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In India, Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls and Prime Minister Modi will premiere simultaneously on August 12 Discovery channels in five languages - English, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Written By Shloak Prabhu | Mumbai | Updated On:
Man Vs Wild featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to take the screens by storm as he features alongside famous TV host and adventurer Bear Grylls in the show 'Man Vs Wild'. 

In an exclusive interview with ANI, adventure enthusiast Bear Grylls spoke about his experience with Prime Minister Modi and asserted how Modi wants to work on a huge scale to protect the environment and its conservation. When asked if there were any similarities between PM Modi and former United States President Barack Obama, who he travelled with to Alaska a few years ago, Bear Grylls said: "They both are iconic global leaders with a common purpose to serve - protecting the environment."

"Both are iconic global leaders. But they experienced different terrains. Alaska was really cold and with Prime Minister Modi, it was an adventure in a rainforest, hot and humid. But the main similarity between both leaders was that they both had the same purpose -protecting the environment. We've got to back big conservation projects and we've got to look after our world."

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Grylls also stated that he was glad that powerful men like them have stood up for a cause and others should do the same:

"Together, we've got to do this, together, we have the power to do this".

He also addressed India as one of the largest countries and the biggest democracy where people hold a strong spirit and people want to do the right thing. Grylls then urged for a collective effort towards protecting the environment and conservation:

"Protecting the environment, and conservation is a key role that we will have to do together. It's not one country, it's all of us."

Bear Grylls added that Prime Minister Modi was calm and trusted him during their travels, though the security team faced barriers:

"He was calm, and trusting of me and we travelled together. It was harder in a way for his security team. They were carrying a lot of weapons and briefcases (I don't what was in those briefcases). Certainly, PM Modi in middle of all was like an example of calm and cheerfulness."

Talking about food, Grylls mentioned an instance where he and PM Modi shared a cup of Indian tea after a rough day:

"PM Modi is a vegetarian. We ended up really cold and wet at the end of the river. We shared this beautiful Indian tea together. It was a special moment for me."

The famed adventurer also shed light on steps one can take to sustain the wildlife reserves like avoiding littering, supporting initiatives and curbing plastic usage:

"So much of it is taking real pride in what you have. India is such a remarkable and beautiful country with so much beauty that you have got to protect it. But it always comes down to an individual. Little things like don't litter, support initiatives, reduce plastics. I see it so much in young people, they want India to stand up and lead the way. It can happen and it takes leadership so that is why I am really heartened to see PM Modi wanting to do something on a huge scale to protect the environment and promote conservation."

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Not many have witnessed the other side in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's life, but the show is going to reveal what one has never seen before, says Bear Grylls as he spoke about his fellow adventurer. He is confident that the episode will make it to the global top charts:

"It's been amazing seeing the response. India is a huge country. Seeing PM Modi out of the norm, out of what you expect. We were in tough environment and tough conditions. The side that you will see of PM is unlike you have ever seen before. My team got back to me and said this program might be the most-watched TV show ever in any country. And yes, the message is strong. India you are amazing." concluded Grylls.

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