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MSRTC Strike: Maharashtra Transport Minister Parab Warns Of Govt Action Against Protestors

Transport Minister Anil Parab has warned of taking serious action under Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act against creating disputes in the state.


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Amid the ongoing union strike called by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation employees, Transport Minister Anil Parab has warned of taking serious action against the ones creating disputes in the state. Parab, while speaking to the reporters on Friday, said that there are several people who are preventing the state transportation employees from returning to work and action needs to be taken against them, failing which the strike won't end.

"The state government is seriously considering taking action under Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act", he added. 

The Maharashtra Transport Minister, further lauding the state government's efforts, said that a good salary hike has been given to the employees. However, there are rumours that the pay hike is fraudulent.

"We have also issued a notification on the pay hike. When you receive your payslip, you will know that we have not cheated", he added.

Speaking on the employees being stopped from working, he said that the workers, despite wanting to work, are being stopped by miscreants, some of whome threatening them to go home.

"Some workers think that after 60 days of strike, the Chief Minister has to resign, but this is not true", Parab added. 

A decision regarding the reported merger will be taken on the orders of the Chief Minister: Anil Parab

Maharashtra Transport Minister Anil Parab also addressed the issue of the reported merger being demanded by the MSRTC staff, saying that the outcome of the merger will be reported to the Chief Minister within 12 weeks and a decision will be taken only after that.

He said, "I would like to reiterate to the employees who are adamant about the merger. We will take this decision after talking to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister. As of now, there is no leader in this strike. Action will be taken against those who provoke it."

Notably, MSRTC employees have been protesting since late October, demanding a merger of the cooperation with the state government, which would enable better salaries and better job security for them. The protests later intensified in November. Several employees have not yet called off their strike despite a salary hike by the state government.

Earlier last week, in an action against the ongoing strike, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation suspended 448 permanent employees and further terminated the services of 62 daily-wage employees. 

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