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MUST SEE: Here's The Picture Of Pakistan's F-16 Jet Which Was Shot Down By The Indian Air Force

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Exposing Pakistan's brazen and obstinate strategy of denial over just about anything related to its well-established support for terrorism, pictures have now been accessed of the downed Pakistan Air Force F-16 that was shot down by the Indian Air Force while thwarting Pakistan's attempt to infiltrate into Indian airspace and attack its military bases. Furthermore, key Pakistan Air Force personnel are clearly visible inspecting the debris of their trashed jet.

The images carry a timestamp, corroborating with the exact window when the battle in the skies above the Lam valley in J&K's Nowshera took place. The US-made fighter aircraft is in pieces, its mangled remains being scattered across a wide area.

On Wednesday, Republic TV had first accessed and authenticated visuals of the Indian Air Force scattering Pakistan's formation and causing the F-16s to scarper, while another video captured the exact moment that the F-16 was shot down, crashing down toward Earth, no more than a ball of flame, with the locals who shot the video making abundantly clear that a parachute had also deployed as the pilot ejected.

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Later, in a classic case of Pakistan being its own worst enemy, the Pakistani pilot who ejected from the F-16 was identified and taken into custody by his own country which took hours to correct its blunder. Pakistan also barred its media from disclosing that its fighter jet was downed.

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