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Ordnance Day 2023: Indian Army's Ordnance Corps Celebrates Its 248th Corps Day

Indian Ordnance factories are a group of 41 manufacturing units which are located across the country. Their job is to provide arms, ammo, equipment to military

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Ordnance Day

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Indian army’s Ordnance Corps celebrated their 248th Corps Day on 8th April 2023. It is an active corps of the Indian army. It is a major formation which is responsible for providing material and logistics support to the Indian Army during the war as well as peacetime. 

The Indian Ordnance factories are a group of 41 manufacturing units which are located across the country. They are responsible for the production of arms, ammunition, and other equipment for the Indian Armed Forces. These factories contribute significantly to the nation's security by giving the Indian armed forces high-quality weapons and gear.

Ordnance Factory Day: History, importance and Significance

The history of the Ordnance factories in India dates back to British colonial rule in India. The British East India Company realized the growing demand for weapons and ammunition for the British Army in India. In 1775, British authorities accepted the formation of the Board of Ordnance in Fort William in Kolkata.

This was the official commencement of the Army Ordnance Corps in India. In 1787, a gunpowder factory was formed at Ishapore which began production in 1791. In 1801, a gun carriage agency in Cossipore, Kolkata was formed and production began on 18th March 1802, and today it is known as Gun and Shell factory, Cossipore.

After independence, the OFB was put under the control of the Indian government. The Ordnance Factory Board was established in 1979 as a govt owned corporation to manage the Ordnance factories. This day serves as a reminder of the pivotal role played by the IOFs in the defence of the country and is an opportunity to express gratitude towards those who have dedicated their lives to serving the nation.

To honour the services of the regiment Ordnance factory day begins with hoisting the national flag and singing the National Anthem. The organization consists of 41 factories that are divided into five operational divisions of the OFB. The OFB manufactures a variety of goods for land, sea and air systems. Along with the Army, the Air Force and the Navy, OFB is considered the fourth arm of the country’s defence.

The Army Ordnance Corps centre is in Secunderabad. The AOC centre is responsible for imparting training to the personnel of the Ordnance Corps. Apart from the military training, the AOC personnel are also trained in different kinds of repair works, and ancillary trades such as carpentry, tailoring, saddlery, driving, etc. The inventory of the corps ranges from coats, sleeping bags, gloves, googles, vehicles, equipment and munitions, etc. 

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