Passenger Boat, Belonging To Maharashtra Government, Capsized Near Shivaji Smarak. LIVE UPDATES Here:

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Passenger boat belonging to Maharashtra Government has capsized on Wednesday, while sailing near the Shivaji Smarak. Check live updates here.

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Updated On:
credits: ANI

Update at 8:15 PM: In an unexpected incident, one dead body has been recovered from the boat by Diving Team.

Update at 5:48 PM: All affected people in the capsized boat have been rescued: Indian Coast Guard PRO told ANI.

Update at 5:40 PM: Journalists who were onboard were safely rescued. Now, they are on their way to the Gateway of India.

Update at 4:53 PM: Coast guard hovercraft has reached the spot; our choppers are also involved in rescue. Most of the people are already rescued: Indian Coast Guard PRO

A passenger boat belonging to the Maharashtra Government has capsized near the Shiv Smarak or the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial, 2.6 kilometres away from the Nariman Point, at about 4:16 Pm on Wednesday. The boat was carrying the senior officials of the Maharashtra Government, including Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar Jain while sailing across the sea. Following the incident, rescue operation is underway to secure the officials. ACV H 192 were diverted and have reached the location within 15 minutes of incident. Two boats CH 467 and SC 559 have been deployed to carry out rescue operations. Marine police indicated boat near prongs light house. Two helicopters repositioned to prongs. Two Marine police boats have towed the capsized boat.

However, in the aftermath of the mishap, the event for laying the stone foundation for Shivaji Smarak was postponed. 

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The Shiv Smarak or Chhatrapati Shivaji memorial in Arabian sea, is designed to be taller than the iconic ‘Statue of Liberty’. The proposed height of the statue is 309-feet, while the ‘Statue of Liberty’ stands at a total 305-feet, 6 inches. The site of the statue is a rocky outcrop, roughly 1.5 km from the Raj Bhavan shore. The total cost of the project is said to be Rs 3,600 crore, with 15-hectare island at off-Mumbai coast for the construction of the memorial. 

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