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PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat LIVE Updates: India In Lockdown, Coronavirus On PM's Agenda

Mann ki Baat radio programme is aired on the last Sunday of every month and prime minister speaks Narendra Modi on the latest issues.

Mann ki Baat radio programme is aired on the last Sunday of every month and prime minister speaks Narendra Modi on the latest issues.
11:34 IST, March 29th 2020
PM Modi on suspects & quarantined patients

PM Modi on Sunday in an appeal asked people to behave indifferently with those who are quarantined or suspected to be COVID-19 positive. Urging people to not violate the lockdown imposed, the Prime Minister said people should "increase social distancing, reduce emotional distancing." 

"Today, on behalf of all the countrymen, I express my gratitude to all those people and request them to take all kinds of safety precautions for themselves, take care of themselves, also take care of their families," PM Modi said. 

"Only social distancing, no emotional distancing, no human distancing," PM Modi said. 

11:25 IST, March 29th 2020
PM Modi interacts with doctors

The Prime Minister on his latest episode interacted with doctors Dr. Nitesh Gupta and Dr. Borse on Sunday. The doctors elaborated on the precautions that should be undertaken to fight the Coronavirus.


11:15 IST, March 29th 2020
PM Modi interacts with 'Corona Warriors'

Prime Minister Modi in his episode of Mann ki Baat interacted with those Indians who have defeated the Coronavirus. Health Ministry on Sunday reported 979 positive cases in India and confirmed 25 deaths. 

1. PM Modi spoke to an IT professional who had contracted the virus upon his visit to Dubai. Ram Gampa Teja spoke to PM Modi about his experience at the quarantine centre and the confidence given to him by the doctors and nurses. 

2. Prime Minister Modi interacted with Ashok Kapoor, whose entire family fought the Coronavirus. He narrated how his family of 6 members was infected. Kapoor told the Prime Minister that they are 'thankful to authorities and staff in Agra. "I am equally grateful to hospital authorities in Delhi. The doctors were prompt," he added. 



11:15 IST, March 29th 2020
Coronavirus fight between 'life and death'

PM Modi called Coronavirus a fight between 'life and death'. He further accentuated on the need to take drastic steps. "The fight against Coronavirus is a fight between life and death and we have to win in this battle and that's why it was very necessary to take these drastic steps."

"I understand that no one wants to break rules deliberately. But there are some people who are doing so. I would like to tell them that if they do not follow this lockdown, it will be difficult to protect ourselves from the danger of coronavirus," PM Modi said. 


10:08 IST, March 29th 2020
Mann ki Baat

Prime Minister Modi's latest episode of Mann ki Baat on Sunday will focus on Coronavirus pandemic. Mann ki Baat radio programme is aired on the last Sunday of every month and the prime minister speaks on the latest issues.

"Tune in tomorrow at 11 (AM). Tomorrow's episode will be focused on the situation prevailing due to COVID-19," PM Modi tweeted.

Aiding citizens in need amid the pan-India Coronavirus lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Saturday, launched the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund), where citizens can contribute to aide the government's efforts in supporting those affected by disasters - like COVID-19.

21-day lockdown

Amid the rising Coronavirus cases in India, PM Modi, on Tuesday, announced a 21-day curfew throughout India starting at midnight on Tuesday. He said that 21 days were necessary for breaking the transmission cycle of the pandemic. The 21-day curfew is applicable to all states, districts, and villages - irrespective of whether they are currently under curfew or not. As of date, 987 positive cases have been reported of the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 78 have been discharged and Maharashtra reporting the highest at 180. 24 deaths have been reported till date.

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