Postal Department Exams To Be Conducted In Hindi Or English, Not In Regional Languages: Government Notification

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The Postal Department exams will be conducted in Hindi or English and not in local/regional languages, as per a circular.

Written By Apoorva Rao | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Postal Department exams will be conducted in Hindi or English and not in local/regional languages, as per a circular.

A circular dated 11th July has ordered the departments of Postal Service that recruitment exams will be conducted only in Hindi and English from now on and not in any local languages.

The new circular has informed that exam papers for Railways recruitment exams will be conducted in Hindi and English and not in local languages forgoing with the earlier policy of conducting the exams in local languages too.

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Read the circular below:

In June, there was a controversy over the Draft National Educational Policy. The Centre was forced to revised it as it had recommended Hindi learning mandatory in schools of non-Hindi speaking states, and suggested a three-language formula without naming Hindi. As per the Draft National Educational Policy, a three-language formula was recommended the inclusion of English and Hindi besides mother tongue in non-Hindi speaking states, while Hindi-speaking states were to include English and an Indian language from other parts of the country. Many leaders from non-Hindi states, especially Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, had opposed the policy.

After the Centre revised the policy, Tamil Nadu's DMK demanded that a two-language formula devised by Dravidian icon C N Annadurai be implemented across the country. The DMK had made the proposal on June 4, a day after the Centre dropped the provision of compulsory teaching of Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states.

In July, Tamil parties urged the CJI to add Tamil to list of regional languages in which the judgment copies of Supreme Court will be available citing that it'll be useful for the litigants and it will be an honour for the oldest classical language. The Hindi vs Tamil language debate has always been a controversial topic and had made headlines at the national level earlier. 

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