Pranksters Put Jammu On Tenterhooks, Claim 'Kahwa Chai' Is The Cure For Coronavirus

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While the entire world battles against COVID-19, people across Jammu thought that the cure has been found and it was just a humble cup of ‘desi Kahwa Chai’

Written By Tejinder Singh Sodhi | Mumbai | Updated On:

While the entire world is searching for a vaccine against deadly COVID-19 virus, for 24 hours the people across the Jammu region thought that the cure has been found and it was just a humble cup of ‘desi Kahwa’. There was also a catch, that to cure COVID-19, you have to add salt instead of sugar and the concoction had to be consumed before midnight.

This prank played by a resident in Jammu kept the entire region on tenterhooks with relatives calling each other telling them to make this ‘magic concoction.’ 

‘You need to quickly make Kahwa tea and serve it to all the family members and remember to put salt in place of sugar. This edict has come from Machail Mata temple’, people across Jammu were busy calling their relatives and sharing this message. 

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While the priest at the Machail Mata denied having issued any such edict, the message soon changed and a new message started circulating that the edict has come from the Bawai Wali Mata, and the recipe for the concoction remained the same.

For Sikh community members, the message read that a special ‘Ardas’ (prayer) was held at Golden temple and the Sikhs across the world were asked to drink the same concoction to save themselves from the COVID-19.

“Those who drink this concoction before midnight will be saved from the COVID-19, a special prayer was held at Golden Temple and people across the globe were asked to drink this concoction”, the message sent to the social media groups read.

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A rise in demand for Kahwa leaves

The shopkeepers across Jammu also saw a spike in the sale of Kahwa leaves, that are used to make the Kahwa tea.
Many people who knew that this was just a rumour that was being spread on social media to create mischief also gave it a try.

“I know this is a rumour, but there is no harm in giving it a try, so we gave it a try and the entire family drank the concoction”, Sethi Chowadhary a local resident said.

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People who had their relatives living abroad called them to tell them about the “edict” that has come from various religious places so as to “Kill” the coronavirus. However, the doctors in Jammu ridiculed this rumor stating that the doctor's World over is still struggling to find a cure for COVID-19.

“The doctors and scientists world over are still working to find a drug for the virus, those doing such mischief eaves and spreading such rumors are not doing any service to the nation. People should not fall prey to such messages”, a doctor told the Republic world.

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