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Pulwama Terror Attack: Indian Security Forces Send The Strongest Ever Message To Pakistan In Joint Press Briefing. Here Are The Top Quotes

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • In the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack, the Indian Army, CRPF and J&K Police addressed a joint press briefing on Tuesday in Srinagar
  • Here are the 10 major quotes from the Indian Army, CRPF and J&K Police joint briefing

In the aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack, the Indian Army, CRPF and J&K Police addressed a joint press briefing on Tuesday in Srinagar. Addressing the press briefing, Lt Gen KJS Dhillon of the Indian Army declared that security forces killed the JeM terrorists, who perpetrated the heinous terror attack in which 40 CRPF soldiers were martyred, had been killed in "less than 100 hours" of the Pulwama incident.

The Indian Army in its presser confirmed the role of Pakistani Army and ISI in the Pulwama terror attack and issued a stern warning to the terrorists-backed by the neighbouring country that anyone who will enter the Kashmir valley will be killed or eliminated.

Here are the 10 strongest quotes from the Indian Army, CRPF and J&K Police joint briefing:

1. "The complete attack on the convoy was masterminded by Pakistan, ISI and the JeM from across the border. There's no doubt in that", said Corps Commander Lt Gen K J S Dhillon during the joint press briefing.

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2. "JeM is the son of Pak Army. It was being controlled by Pakistan Army and ISI. So, Pakistan Army is definitely involved in the incident and there is no doubt in that" Lt. General KJS Dhillon said. 

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3. In a strong message to terrorists and terrorist backers in Jammu and Kashmir, Lt Gen KJS Dhillon, Corps Commander of Chinar Corps, Indian Army, announced that terrorists must lay down guns or be killed.

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4. Dhillon said, "I am happy to announce that in less than 100 hours, we have eliminated the JeM leadership in the valley."

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5. Lieutenant General Kanwaljeet Singh Dhillon on Tuesday assured that the forces will knock down any 'Ghazi' who will try to disturb the peace of the country. 

"Talking about the so-called Ghazi, you know better than me. Many 'Ghazis' come and go, there's nothing new in this and we will handle it. Let any Ghazi come. Don't make them heroes. We will crush them," said the officer. 

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6. "Our focus is clear on counter-terrorism operations. We are very clear that anyone who enters Kashmir valley will not go back alive", said KJS Dhillion during the joint press briefing.

7.  "The success of this operation within less than 100 hours it was the results of complete synergy between all the forces may it be the Army,JKP, CRPF, SOG and the intelligence, we are working in complete unison," said KJS Dhillion during the joint press briefing.

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8. He further stated that the top leadership of Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed who carried out the Pulwama terror attack has been eliminated from Kashmir.

"Kamran was chief operations commander of JeM in Kashmir. He was a Pakistani and he was being handled by JeM of Pakistan in support of ISI and Pak Army. He was the top commander of JeM who carried on the Feb 14 convoy attack. We have eliminated the top commander of JeM who carried on the attack," he added. 

9. Lt. General took a moment to praise his forces, especially Brigadier Hardeep Singh, who joined the operation despite being on leave due to an injury.

"One more thing I would like to tell you, Brigadier Hardeep Singh - who was also injured - he was on leave at home. When he realised that in the midnight that the operations has started, he cut short his leave voluntarily and rejoined and he came back to Kashmir and then straight to the operation site and he was leading his men from the front," Lt General KJS Dhillon said.

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10. "I would like to tell one thing to parents of the local youth especially the mothers as I understand and know that a mother has a great role to play in Kashmiri society. I request all mothers of Kashmir, please tell your sons who have joined terrorism to surrender and get back to the to mainstream," Lt Gen KJS Dhillon said.

11. Our helpline - 14411 has been helping Kashmiris across the country in wake of this attack. A lot of Kashmiri students have approached this helpline for help all over the country. All Kashmiri children studying outside have been taken care of by security forces: Zulfiquar  Hasan, CRPF

On February 14, a 70-vehicle convoy carrying CRPF jawans from Jammu to Srinagar was struck with an IED blast. In what was one of the worst terror attacks in recent times, 40 CRPF jawans lost their lives, and the responsibility for the attack was claimed by terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad.

The Indian government and forces promised to take action. Initially, it was the Indian government which took stern measures to isolate Pakistan, which backs the JeM. The Most Favored Nation (MNF) status was taken away from Pakistan, which meant that any goods basic customs duty on all goods exported from Pakistan to India was raised to 200%.

In befitting revenge for the terror attack, the security forces killed three JeM terrorists - all of them part of the Pulwama attack - on Monday. Though, in a gunfire exchange which lasted for as much as 17 hours, five security personnel were martyred and one civilian lost his life.

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