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Ramachandra Guha Deletes 'Goa Beef Celebration' Photo, Acknowledges It Was In Bad Taste, Slams BJP Anyway

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Ramachandra Guha has deleted a controversial 'Beef celebration' picture
  • He has acknowledged that it was in bad taste
  • He has, however, refused to back down from attacking the BJP

Writer-historian Ramachandra Guha has deleted the controversial photo he had put up on Friday in which he had goaded the anti-Beef lobby by extolling his lunch in Goa, citing how he was eating beef because he was in a BJP-ruled state.

Taking to Twitter, Guha acknowledged that his tweet was in poor taste but held firm about his views on the BJP vis-a-vis beef, alleging hypocrisy. The hypocrisy criticism has generally been cited in reference to the BJP purportedly taking different stances in different states on the matter, notably in the Northeast. He also added that humans must have the right to eat, dress and fall in love as they choose, without stating explicitly who was suggesting otherwise in the last two cases.

Guha has also replied to some people who asked him follow-up questions, such as why he believes his photo was in poor taste:

Before that Guha had taken to naming and shaming those who had issued threats to him over his tweet. He said that one of these people was a former officer of R&AW

He highlighted another person who had threatened him, posting his phone number as well:

Numerous people had also questioned the 'India After Gandhi' author about the inconsistency in a tweet he had put out a few years earlier when non-vegetarian food was once again in the political and social spotlight, in which he had claimed to be a vegetarian.

He hasn't yet addressed this particular inconsistency.