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Republic Summit 2018 | 'World Will Gravitate Towards Natural Products And Look To India', Says Baba Ramdev On Vision 2025

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:


  • Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev highlighted the importance of natural FMCG products for Indians at Rpeublic Summit 2018
  • He also spoke about the increasing inclination of the world towards natural Indian products

On the second day of inaugural Republic Summit 2018, Yoga Guru and founder of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd Baba Ramdev, in conversation with Republic TV's Editor-in-Chief, highlighted the importance of natural FMCG products for the people and how the world is leaning towards the use of such products that are naturally made in India. 

"You may take a note of FMCG reports of hardly seven years ago stating the inclination of people towards the natural products. You will find only 10-20 per cent. But if you will search now, there is as high as 80 per cent gravitation of people towards natural and organic medicines and FMCG products. This is the power of India that made them gravitate towards natural products and Ayurveda. The world trusts on the people connected to their roots."

Baba Ramdev went on to assert that as the world is inclining towards the natural products made in India, he plans to take the initiative to the global diaspora:

"When we'll talk about the natural products made in India, we talk about more than 4 lakh medicinal herbs and plant. The whole world will gravitate towards natural products and look to India. We are taking the natural Indian products on a global level."

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Further, he asserted on the expansion of Patanjali and facing competition with multinational companies: 

"Foreign companies are not my rivals because I don't come from a business-corporate house. I don't even have any dispute with any political party. I have only one resolution--foreign companies in the name of royalty, raw-material and patent-- earn huge profits every year. All these foreign companies are run by Indians. So, when everything from materials to market belongs to us then the profit should be ours as well. This is the spirit behind 'Swadeshi'. Why can't we build a brand?"

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