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Sagar Rana Murder Case: Sushil Kumar Demands TV In Tihar Jail For 'wrestling Updates'

Sushil Kumar, who is lodged at Tihar Jail in connection with the Sagar Rana murder case has now requested the jail authorities for TV for wrestling updates.

Tihar Jail

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Two-time Olympian and wrestler Sushil Kumar, who is lodged at Tihar Jail in connection with Sagar Rana murder case has now requested the jail authorities for a TV. According to Tihar Jail officials, Sushil Kumar has expressed that he needs a TV in order to get updates on wrestling. Earlier in June, the wrestler had also demanded a high-protein diet along with supplements till the time he remains in jail. 

Jailed wrestler Sushil Kumar demands TV inside TV jail cell 

Sushil Kumar seeks high-protein diet & supplements in jail

The Olympian had earlier filed an application at Delhi's Rohini Court demanding protein-rich food along with supplements till the time he remains in jail. According to the application moved by Sushil Kumar's counsel, he argued that Kumar is the only Indian to win two Olympic medals consecutively in individual sport for India. The application also outlined the diet requirements of Sushil Kumar that includes special food and supplements like isolate whey protein, Omega 3 Capsules, Jointment Capsules, Pre-Workout C4 and Hyde, Multivitamin GNC, Exercises Bands, etc. It added that it was necessary for Sushil Kumar to take a special nutrition diet. 

"Denial of this basic requirement will have huge implication on career," the application read 

However, the Delhi Court rejected his request for a special diet stating that every person was equal in the eyes of the law, including privileged ones. The court had also observed that the special food and supplements appear to be only the desires and wishes of the accused and are not in any manner the essential need or necessity. 

"It is well-settled law that all the persons, whether natural or juristic, are equal in the eyes of law irrespective of their caste, religion, sex, class, etc. The right to equality is a basic feature of the Indian Constitution. It implies the rule of law. It also implies absence of any special privilege in any person due to his rank, status, whether rich or poor, etc. The law should be equal and should be equally administered, that like should be treated alike," the Court had responded. 

Sagar Rana murder case

According to sources, on the intervening night of May 4-5, a quarrel had broken between wrestlers at Chhatrasal Stadium which quickly escalated after someone from the group fired shots. The injured wrestlers had to be rushed to the Trauma Centre, Civil Lines, where one of the wrestlers, former junior national champion Sagar Rana succumbed to his injuries. Days later, 24-year-old Prince Dalal from Jhajjar, Haryana was arrested in the case with double-barrel-loaded guns. Another accused in the firing, Sonu Mahal is touted to be a close associate of gangster Kala Jathedi. Sushil Kumar was also named in the crime and the authorities had formed several teams to nab him. However, Kumar denied his involvement and asserted that those involved were not his wrestlers. 

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