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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Urges Centre To Allow More Companies To Produce COVID-19 Medicines

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has requested Centre to allow more companies to produce COVID-19 medicine as nation is 'going through a challenging time.'

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Image: @SriSri/Twitter

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, on Sunday night, requested the Central Government to allow more companies to produce COVID-19 medicines as the country is facing an unparalleled surge in cases. Noting that the nation is going through a 'challenging' time, Gurudev made this appeal. India is also reporting a shortage of vaccines and many states have started taking the help of global manufacturers to meet the required demand. 

The Art of Living founder pointed out that it is 'need of the hour'. 

The appeal from the spiritual leader comes nearly a week after he shared his wisdom through Republic World on how to combat the current crisis. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shared positive thoughts and tried to disseminate vital information for people who are going through a wrecking situation. Gurudev and his organization, Art of Living have been continuously contributing to the fight against the pandemic. The volunteers from AoL and the International Association of Human Values (IAHV) are working on-ground in Maharashtra to help people get access to COVID-19 essentials amid a shortage. 

International campaigns

Few hours after making the request to the Union Government, Gurudev tweeted informing about the yoga session that he procured with '7800 volunteers and yoga enthusiasts from Russia & 45 European countries'. This was another step by the spiritual leader to extend support to people around the world. Gurudev tweeted that the session was about enlightening people on how to handle mind and emotions during this unprecedented time. Earlier, the spiritual leader was interacting with leaders and citizens of 54 African countries to help them achieve more peace in this time of disaster.

Gurudev informed about the Yoga campaign late on Sunday. 

Support for COVID-19 essentials

Apart from extending spiritual power for the mental and physical health of people, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is also helping in distributing oxygen concentrators which are currently needed the most.

On Sunday, Karnataka's rural hospitals received additional oxygen concentrators. 

Apart from the relief work for the COVID-19 challenge, Ravi Shankar's Art of Living team is parallelly also working for the environmental cause.

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