Tamil Nadu: Forest Officials Caught Beating Elephants Disturb Netizens

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A video featuring three elephants being tortured at an elephant care facility in Tamil Nadu received a lot of public outrage. Internet users are protesting

Written By Avantika Shukla | Mumbai | Updated On:
Tamil Nadu

A video featuring three elephants being beaten at an elephant care facility in Tamil Nadu has received a lot of public outrage. Recently the elephants, as per the Madras High Court order were supposed to be shifted to a camp in Tiruchirappalli. The disturbing visuals showed the elephants getting hit by the forest officials with a stick and they were tied with ropes and pulled at the Kanchi Mutt because they were resistant to move out. The elephants named Indu, Sandhya and Jayanthi were living in the camp managed by NGOs Tree Foundation and WRCC since 2016. 

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Twitter reacts

The video has since been shared in excess, with netizens expressing clear signs of disgust and dismay on social media, over the uncomfortable situation. Various hashtags such as #SaveKanchiElephants, #JusticeForKanchiElephants have started trending with people sharing extreme reactions on the video. A user shared the video with a post that says that the officials of Tamil Nadu Forest Department did an inhumane act by treating these 3 rescued elephants so badly. Another user wrote that whatever these people did will come back to them.

A user lamented that this was the sad state of the country where animals are also being discriminated upon. Another user called for the banning of such treatments. Various users voicing against animal cruelty in the country trended hashtags on social media in the hopes that it will get more attention.

"Your Support Is Of Utmost Importance, Sign This Petition To #SaveKanchiElephants; Together We Can.  #justiceforkanchielephants". A petition is being signed online against the incident that broke many hearts on the internet. 

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The video that sparked outrage

In the video, the forest staff is seeing hitting the animal with sticks while she is tied by ropes. In the video that appears to have been taken by a mobile phone, the staff can be heard shouting at the animal in Tamil. The animal refuses to move further aggravating the officials and causing them to take more brutal steps. Later on, the animal was forcibly put on the truck to move her to another camp. They are also seen hitting the innocent jumbo in its sensitive areas such as the feet, trunk, ear. The video reaches various platforms and people are reacting against animal cruelty.

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