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"Trump Is Talking Out Of His Hat," Says Omar Abdullah Over The US President's Claim That PM Modi Asked Him To Mediate Kashmir Dispute

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • The former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir opined that the US President was 'talking out of his hat,'
  • US President Donald Trump claimed that PM Modi asked him to mediate over the Kashmir dispute

India became a crucial matter of discussion in the dialogue between Pakistan PM Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump, wherein the latter in an absurd claim said that he has been asked by PM Modi to be the mediator over the Kashmir issue with Pakistan. While, according to sources, the government was left stunned with the claim, the ludicrosity was even called out by Opposition leader Omar Abdullah. 

In his first tweet, the NC leader questioned if the Indian government will 'call Donald Trump a liar' and wondered if there has been an 'undeclared shift' in India's position over a third party involvement. However, went the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir then opined that the US President was 'talking out of his hat,' further said that he would like to see the Ministry of External Affair call out Trump's statement. 

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Sitting alongside Trump in the Oval Office, the Pakistan PM Imran Khan asked the US President to conciliate the Kashmir dispute with India, to which Trump in a fallacious claim stated that he was already asked by PM Modi to do the same, further expressed his willingness to be the mediator between the two countries.  

However, despite Trump's declaration, the Indian government has never requested a third party interference in the Kashmir dispute, furthermore, has assertively told Pakistan that 'terror and talks cannot go hand in hand.'

Meanwhile, an official statement by the Ministry of External Affairs is awaited to put an end to the controversy. However, in the official press release of the White House condensing the contents of the meet between the heads of US and Pakistan, there has been no mention of India or Kashmir whatsoever. Read press brief here

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