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Twitter Blown Away Over Finding Out About How Cashews Are Grown

Written By Manjiri Chitre | Mumbai | Published:


  • Twitter is flooded with users shocking reactions after they found out how cashews are actually grown
  • The Twitter thread was originally started by a Twitter user, and youtuber Colleen Ballinger who was blown away by the fact of how they are grown
  • Several people were surprised to learn that cashews are grown out of a fruit

People on the internet are losing their minds after knowing how cashews are actually grown. Even though the nut is globally consumed, few know anything about how it's cultivated. Twitter has been taken over by people marvelling at the process. 

Netizens reactions 

The Twitter thread was originally started by a Twitter user and YouTuber (known as MirandaSings on YouTube), Colleen Ballinger, who was blown away by the fact how cashews are grown. A massive range of Twitter reactions followed after that. Several people's minds were blown to learn that cashews are in fact grown out of a fruit. 

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How are cashews grown?

Cashew nuts are full of proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fibre. The consumption of cashews is popular in most of the countries in the world.

Cashews are grown on a tropical evergreen tree which produces the cashew seed and the cashew apple. They are grown in a shell that is attached to the cashew apple. While, the cashew apple is attached to the tree branch. Once the apple is ripe, the cashew apple is pulled out of the branch. Further, the nut is removed and dried as the cashew apple in itself is juicy. The shell is then frozen and boiled for it be ready to be eaten as a nut. The cashew apple is light red and light yellow in colour. It can be turned into a sweet drink or jams. According to a report, about 6 per cent of the global population is allergic to cashews which can trigger either mild or life-threatening allergic reactions.

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