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Villagers In Madhya Pradesh Dig Up River Bank To Find Gold And Silver Coins

In a remarkable incident, hundreds of villagers in Madhya Pradesh district have been digging at a riverbed for ‘searching gold coins’ after a rumour spread.


In a remarkable incident, hundreds of villagers in Madhya Pradesh district have been digging at a riverbed for ‘searching gold coins’. Triggered by a rumour that spread across the village like a wildfire nearly eight days ago, according to the ANI report, people have been swarming t the site to dig mud in search of coins. As per reports, a fisherman had found some gold coins at the same place near Parvati river at Rajgarh. 

"Eight days back, some fishermen found some coins here. Since then, people are coming here," a local told the news agency.

Even though hundreds of people have continued their search for at least five days, not a single person has yielded gold yet. Meanwhile, police officials have reportedly debunked the rumours and said that no such gold or silver coins were found in the entire area. A similar incident that recently happened in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district took place in Karnataka in October 2020.

However, following the spread of rumour in MP, the law enforcement authorities have even deployed the officers around the area to keep a tab on the situation and monitor law and order especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Reportedly the governing bodies are also ensuring the safety of the villagers who are trying all day to find those ‘lucky coins’.

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‘Raining Gold’ in Bengaluru

In another one-of-a-incident, hundreds of people in Karnataka’s Bengaluru had started digging around Anekal in a bid to find gold after a rumour spread that yellow metal was raining in the area. As per reports, in October, the rumour caught the attention of the villagers about ‘raining gold’ near Anekal’s Begalur police quarters at around 4 PM. 

Trusting the rumour without any proof, the people gathered near the region even amid the pandemic and started searching for the gold coins. Moreover, some of the reports at the time had even cited some people who had found gold in the region. The villagers showed small pieces of yellow metal and caid they were actually gold. 

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