WATCH: 'I Thought It Was A Little Girl', Anand Mahindra Can't Stop Talking About Five-year-old Iranian Boy’s Exceptional Football Skills

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 However, due to Hosseini’s long hair, Anand Mahindra mistook him for being a girl.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

Anand Mahindra is not just known for his great entrepreneurial skills and helpful nature, the Chairman of Mahindra Group is also famous for his comic timing and hilarious tweets, which have become a regular thing on his twitter feed. Not just that, his Twitter timeline is a treasure trove of amusing videos dedicated to superhumans from all across the globe.

This time he has shared a video of a young Iranian boy playing football, which has been going viral on several social media platforms. The clip features a five-year-old Arat Hosseini from who is known for his exceptional football skills. However, due to Hosseini’s long hair, Anand Mahindra mistook him for being a girl.

Sharing the video from his "whatsappwonderbox", Mr. Mahindra wrote:

"When I first saw this in my #whatsappwonderbox I thought it was a little girl & was amazed. Then trawled the net & it seems it’s really a 4 yr old Iranian boy! I’m still impressed by the way! Enjoy..."

Take a look:

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Earlier, the Chairman of Mahindra Group shared an image from his #whatsappwonderbox which has a lady trying to stop a local train. Taking to social media, he wrote that at first it 'looks dumb but then the belief of the lady in her power' is what won the chairman's heart. 

"In my #whatsappwonderbox today. I find it fascinating. A 1st reaction may be a laugh & an exclamation ‘How dumb!’ But I love how this lady believes in her power to flag down a train. And think of the boost to her self-confidence when it does,indeed,stop to let her get in!"


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