West Bengal: Rare Two-headed Snake Found In Ekarukhi Village

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A two-headed snake was reportedly found in West Bengal's Ekarukhi village of Belda forest range which belongs to Naja Kautia species also known as Bengal Kharis

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West Bengal

A rare two-headed snake was found in West Bengal's Ekarukhi village of Belda forest range. According to zoologist Soma Chakraborty the double-headed snake belongs to Naja Kaouthia species, also known as Bengal Kharis. The Forest Department, however, was unable to rescue the snake as mythological believer villagers didn't want to hand the snake over to the department. Kaustav Chakroborty who is a Herpetologist said that the snake could have lived longer as the longevity of such species increases by keeping them in captivity. He further added that the life and of this snake can also be increased if it is preserved. 

Kaustav said, “This is totally a biological issue like a human being can have two heads or thumbs similarly this snake has two heads. This doesn't have to do anything related to mythological belief”.

Similarly, Soma said, “There is no mythological thing in this case. There are many factors behind the formation of two head. It might be formed at the time of splitting of the embryo or maybe due to some environmental factors". 

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Snakeskin with seven heads

In another similar incident, a snakeskin which had seven heads had been discovered in the Marigowdana Doddi village in Kanakpura. After the discovery, many villagers started visiting the place where the snake's skin was found which according to their belief was of a Seven-headed serpent. According to the locals of that area, the skin was found next to a temple and the temple angle grabbed the interest of the public as they considered it to be a miracle. People who went to the site to see the skin offered it 'kumkum' and 'Haldi' which are considered auspicious for Hindu rituals.

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A video appeared online and went viral where one could see different pictures of the snakeskin and the snake itself. Few pictures showed the snakeskin having offerings of flowers, turmeric and the auspicious red powder. A villager while speaking to the media said that they thought the place had exceptional powers so they built a temple over there and now the skin of a seven-headed snake has been discovered in the area nearby. A temple worker was cleaning the premises when the skin was spotted and the area is just 10 feet away from the main temple.

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