'Would Hear About Bambai & Wonder Will I Get To See The City Of Dreams?’: PM Modi Shares His Time Working At His Father's Tea Stall

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From his father’s tea stall to the memories he shared with his mother during his early days, Prime Minister spoke his heart out.

Written By Daamini Sharma | Mumbai | Updated On:

'I would serve them tea and listen to their stories', said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while sharing the memories of working at his father's tea stall as a kid. Humans of Bombay, a team of storytellers that concentrate on the journey of individuals and show how each and every person is unique, has shared the story of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he stated that every morning he would open the tea- stall, located at a railway station, and clean up the place before going to school. As soon as the last bell of the school would ring, he would rush back to the tea stall to help his father. 

"I would open my father’s tea stall at the railway station, clean up & go to school. As soon as school ended, I would rush back to help him, but what I really looked forward to was meeting people from all over India. I would serve them tea & listen to their stories–that’s how I learnt to speak Hindi. I would hear some traders speak about ‘Bambai’ & wonder, ‘Will I ever get to see the city of dreams?" 

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