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WATCH: How AMU Students Charged At Republic TV's Crew To Snatch Its Camera

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Following the shameful attack on Republic TV's crew at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on Tuesday, a video has now been accessed where the mob's full and uncut frenzy can be seen by all.

The events in the video take place shortly after AMU staff had attacked Republic TV's Nalini Sharma and Sumaira Khan, as well as their crewmembers, who had at that point been broadcasting a live report. 

SHAMEFUL: Republic Crew Attacked On AMU Campus, Cops Fail To Offer Protection, Attackers Persist Despite Being Caught On Camera

In the video, Republic TV's crew can be seen exiting the campus on the instructions of the local police. Just a short distance away from the gate, the Republic TV camera can be made out videographing the large group of students that were following close behind.

A large amount of commotion can clearly be made out, and at that point, some of the students decide to charge at Republic TV's video journalist Santosh. Within seconds, the mob descends on him and surrounds him, pushes him into an adjoining lawn, and snatches the camera from him, proceeding to destroy it. 

The atrocious hooliganism followed equally reprehensible behaviour from staff at AMU that had resorted to manhandling Republic TV's reporters and forcibly stopping a live broadcast.

In the video of the attack, the AMU staff-member can be seen demanding whether permission had been taken - after first having physically unleashed himself on Republic TV's crew. He continued his brazen intimidation even after the Police arrived.

Speaking to Republic TV after the attack, the MP under whose constituency AMU falls, assured action against the miscreants:

"I condemn the attack on Nalini Sharma and Sumaira Khan. I appeal to the channel's reporters to file an FIR - arresting is my duty. The people who have done this will be investigated and action will be taken.  Today the way journalists have been attacked and behaved with, I assure arrests by the evening. Nobody will do goondagiri and it will not be tolerated."

 Here is a first-hand account of the attack by Republic TV's Nalini Sharma: