10 Reasons Why The Sunanda Pushkar Case Needs To Go To CBI Now!

Written By Natasha Patidar | Mumbai | Published:

After #SunandaLeelaTapes exposes the hush-up in Sunanda murder case, we at Republic TV demand that it's time to transfer case to the CBI immediately.

Here are 10 unanswered questions and also reasons why the Sunanda Pushkar case needs to go the CBI:

1.    Why did Tharoor’s ex aide call Rajan Rao to Leela Hotel when she was found dead?
2.    Why did Tharoor’s aide tell Rajan Rao that she had fainted when Tharoor has told everyone that he was the first one to find her dead?
3.    If she was first unconscious when Tharoor’s aide found her, how did she suddenly die?
4.    Rajan Rao was tracked by CCTV footage. This means the Delhi Police has the full CCTV footage of the exact moment of the murder. Why don’t they admit this?
5.    If the CCTV footage was available for the day of the murder, where’s the hassle in disclosing who the killers are? Whats the Delhi Police hiding?
6.    Why did Rajan Rao change his version five or six times when Republic spoke to him?
7.    Instead of calling a doctor Tharoor’s aide calls Rajan Rao. Doesn’t make any sense, does it?
8.    Was Shashi Tharoor aware that his ex aide was calling his friend Rajan Rao to Leela Hotel? If he did, Why didn’t Tharoor mention Rajan Rao even once in his police statement?
9.    Rajan Rao says the Delhi police questioned him. Why hasn’t the Delhi Police done a narco test which he is open to, on him so far?
10.  Given the possibility that Tharoor’s man Friday also gave false evidence to the police, doesn’t the entire Delhi Police investigation itself look totally suspicious now?

The Patiala House Court on Monday has also ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police to appear himself on September 12 to explain the botched up investigation regarding the Sunanda Pushkar Murder case. 

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