Bofors Case: Shocking Response By Rahul Gandhi

Written By Annanya Johari | Mumbai | Published:

Merely a day after Republic TV exposed revelations in the Bofors case, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was forced to react on the issue. A cornered Rahul Gandhi remained defiant and said:

“They have been raising it for thirty years, let them raise it for another 30 years.”

Sources tell Republic TV that Rahul Gandhi has called for an emergency meeting of his close aides at his residence.

BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao said, “If Rahul Gandhi will show frustration the stigma of Bofors will stay on the Congress.” He added that “Congress does not want the country to know that there was a Bofors scandal and also about the Emergency.”

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Massive impact of Republic TV's Bofors Expose

The issue also echoed in the Parliament on Monday. Chants of ‘Bofors’ were heard as soon as the House convened for the day.

BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi raised the issue of the Bofors scandal, demanding the opening of the 'boxes'. She said the 'ghost of Bofors' will continue to haunt Parliament.  The BJP accused Congress president Sonia Gandhi of helping the middleman in the case, Ottavio Quattrocchi.

Parliamentary papers accessed

According to the Parliamentary papers that were submitted by the MoD to the Panel, commissions paid were a matter of record and the Rajiv Gandhi government obfuscated the investigation.

The papers also reveal that the Rajiv Gandhi government delayed submitting documents and that the then Prime Minister's Office took direct interest in the audit report. The note also proves that the UPA government buried the Bofors probe and that the CBI wanted to pursue it. The papers give ample hint of kickbacks in the Bofors scandal.

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