Congress' Dr. Abhishek Singhvi Slams Malaysian PM's Remark On Kashmir


Congress' Dr. Abhishek Manu Sanghvi slammed Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad's remarks on Kashmir in his UNGA address, stating 'love for jihad' surpasses Pakistan

Written By Suchitra Karthikeyan | Mumbai | Updated On:

Slamming the Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's remarks on Kashmir at the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Congress' Dr. Abhishek Manu Sanghvi, on Sunday, tweeted that his statement was completely unacceptable. He stated that Mohamad's remarks showed that his 'love for jihad' shows the country's extremism, which had surpassed Pakistan. He asked the Centre to take strong diplomatic action against it. He added that Mohamad who is a patron of lunatics like Zakir Naik should not poke nose in India's internal matters.

Dr. Singhvi slams Malaysian PM

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Malaysian PM calls Kashmir 'invaded and occupied'

Earlier on Friday, the 94-year old Malaysian PM had said that despite UN resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir, the country had been 'invaded and occupied'. Slamming India's move to abrogate article 370,  he stated that while there may be reasons for the action, it was still wrong.  He added, "The problem must be solved by peaceful means. India should work with Pakistan to resolve this problem. Ignoring the UN will lead to other forms of disregard for the United Nations."

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Imran Khan's Another 'Pulwama' threat

Meanwhile, Pakistan PM Imran Khan in his 50-minute UNGA address, threatened 'another Pulwama' when restrictions in Kashmir are completely lifted. Fearmongering over the condition in Kashmir, Khan predicted that there will be a bloodbath when curfew in Kashmir is lifted. He claimed that the 900,000 troops who are in the Valley to maintain the peace, will shoot at Kashmiris retaliating against the abrogation of article 370. Curiously, the Pakistani Prime Minister referred to J&k as 'Kashmir' and not 'Indian Occupied Kashmir' which is the general stance of Pakistan.

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PM Modi's UNGA speech Vs PM Imran Khan's speech

In comparison, PM Modi did not mention Pakistan or Imran Khan once in his crisp 15-minute UNGA address. PM Modi used the global stage to reaffirm India's commitment to fight against terror, climate change. He also showcased India as a global leader in terms of cleanliness, renewable energy and development. His speech was lauded by all political leaders, businessmen and experts in India.  


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