'Digvijaya Singh Running The MP Government': Kamal Nath's Minister


Umang Singhar alleged that Congress Leader Digvijay Singh is running the M.P government behind the scenes and everyone including the Congress workers are aware

Written By Varsha Chavan | Mumbai | Updated On:
Digvijaya Singh

Forest Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Umang Singhar, made a statement against senior Congress leader and former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh on Monday. Minister Umang Singhar alleged that Congress Leader Digvijaya Singh is running the government behind the scenes. He also said that this simply means that they are not even letting Chief Minister Kamal Nath run the government. Umang Singhar was attending an event in Dhar where he made this statement.

'Running the show from behind the scenes'

Umang Singhar, 45, is an MLA and the nephew of former deputy Chief Minister Jamuna Devi. In his statement he said " All I can say about honorable Digvijaya Singh is that he is running the government from behind the curtains. Everyone, including the people of Madhya Pradesh as well as Congress workers, know this. There is no need for him to write letters to ministers for getting various works done when he’s actually running the government.” 

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Singhar also mentioned that Chief Minister Kamal Nath is doing good work in Madhya Pradesh. But the message sent out from Digvijaya Singh to the ministers shows that everything is not going well in the government. Singhar also said that he was not afraid, to tell the truth, whatever the outcome. The Congress leader Digvijaya Singh had written recently to Madhya Pradesh ministers asking them about the action taken on his letters recommending transfers and other works. In his letter, Singh had urged ministers to give him an appointment by August 31 so that he can know what action has been taken on his recommendations and the about the status of transfers and other works he had requested them to undertake.

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Controversies and Digvijaya Singh

This is not the first time that Singh has been in the news with his controversial statements. On September 1 Digvijaya Singh made a statement speaking against Bajrang Dal and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) linking them to the Pakistan ISI. He said, “Bajrang Dal and BJP are taking money from ISI and attention should be paid to this.” He also blamed the Central Government for the deteriorating state of the economy in the country, while also mentioned that under the ruling government, there are no jobs and to cover that deficit, they have the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Earlier in August, he had tweeted, saying that some BJP leaders have been arrested for spying for Pakistan’s ISI and should get strict punishment under the National Security Act, 1980. 

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The situation of Madhya Pradesh Governance

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath met interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi at her residence amid reports of a tussle among various factions in the party’s state unit over the appointment of its next leader. According to reports, Jyotiraditya Scindia had given the party an ultimatum to appoint him the head of the state unit. He reportedly threatened to “explore other options” if the party did not give in to his demands. It was believed that Nath, who became the chief minister in December, would vacate the post of state unit chief but since the Lok Sabha polls were just around the corner, he continued with both posts.

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