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Kerala MLA Threatens Class 10 Boy In Viral Audio; Youth Congress Lodges Complaint

The NCPCR has received a complaint from the Youth Congress accusing M Mukesh of making derogatory statements about a 10-year-old student who called him.


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The Youth Congress has filed a complaint with the National Commission for the Protection of Children's Rights against M Mukesh, a Kollam MLA, for making insulting remarks about a tenth-grade student. JS Akhil, the national coordinator of the Indian Youth Congress, has demanded that the legislator be prosecuted in accordance with the law and that the kid be given justice, said reports.

Kerala MLA threatens class 10 student

The Youth Congress has taken up the issue a day after a telephonic discussion between a tenth student and Mukesh erupted into a massive controversy, with the MSF seeking action against the legislator. Akhil approached the NCPCR on Monday after the student's name was discovered as Ottapalam native, Vishnu. According to Akhil's complaint, the child continuously attempted to stress the need for which he had placed the call during the nearly 10-minute tape that went viral. However, the MLA continued to insult the boy, scolded him for not contacting his Ottapalam MLA.

The complaint read, "Soon after he answered the call on Sunday, he started to shout at the boy for calling him six times when he was continuously avoiding the said call. When the child said he belongs to Palakkad and is a class 10 student, the MLA got furious and used abusive and filthy language and threatened him for making the call."

M Mukesh viral audio stirs row

In a statement, Akhil said that threatening to slap and break the face of the child's friend who had given his phone number is a criminal offence. Mukesh was not only a movie star, but also a member of the Legislative Assembly when he took the oath in accordance with Article 188 of the Indian Constitution, he noted. His acts are a complete betrayal of the oath he took and the responsibilities entrusted to him, he added. 

Mukesh was screaming and shouting at the youngster throughout the phone conversation, according to the YC leader, without bothering to listen to his needs. A copy of the complaint was sent to the head of the Kerala State Commission for the Protection of Children's Rights, said reports.

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