LIVE UPDATES: Congress Releases Audio Tape On Rafale, Rahul Gandhi To Bring Up The Issue In Lok Sabha


Congress has released an audio tape and has claimed that Manoj Parrikar has Rafale files. The party president Rahul Gandhi will be speaking in the Lok Sabha at 2 PM.

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Congress has released an audio tape and has claimed that Manoj Parrikar has Rafale files. The party president Rahul Gandhi will be speaking in the Lok Sabha at 2 PM.
Update at 19:02 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Modi and accused him of helping his "friend" Ambani in the deal. 

He said, "Hollande said that Narendra Modi ji told him that the contract should be given to Anil Ambani. I want Modi ji to answer with credibility. There is no consistency in the defence of the government on this. I would like to debate the Prime Minister one on one on any issue. Just give me 20 mins with him on Rafale.  But the PM doesn't have the guts to do it"

Update at 18:58 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi said, "Anil Ambani has never made an aircraft in his life. HAL has been making it for the past 70 years. HAL is very experienced in manufacturing Aircraft." 

Update at 18:46 PM
9 months ago

Playing a voice recording of Arun Jaitley from the Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said, "Arun Jaitley ji has said that it is a 5,800 crore deal and if you divide it by 36 it comes to 1600 crore it's the number you have given not by me or the Congress party."


Update at 18:45 PM
9 months ago

Bringing out the Rafale deal audio-tape yet again in a press conference Rahul Gandhi said, "The audio tape is a recording of a Health Minister in the Goa government, and he is stating clearly that Manohar Parrikar in a Cabinet meeting said that he has a full file of Rafale in his hand and nobody could disrupt me. 

"Mr. Parrikar is threatening, blackmailing the Prime Minister of India because he has the full information of the Rafale deal and a file of Rafale," he added

Update at 18:42 PM
9 months ago

Congress president Rahul Gandhi holds a press conference following the session at the Parliament on the Rafale issue

Update at 17:06 PM
9 months ago

Under Rule 374 A, speaker Sumitra Mahajan suspended five AIADMK MPs from the functioning of the House for five consecutive sittings for obstructing the session. 


Update at 16:00 PM
9 months ago

Trinamool Congress MP Saugata Roy rebutted Arun Jaitley for giving the contract to Reliance. 

He said, "The HAL employees thousands of people in this country. Is it not a breach of national interest when the contract is given to Reliance that has a debt of 45,000 crores. It is rather strange."

"Where is the money trail for the Rafale purchase? I say the money trail is to Reliance," he added.

Update at 15:50 PM
9 months ago

Arun Jaitley reiterated the verdict of the Supreme Court for the Rafale deal

He said, "SC said we have satisfied our conscious after seeing the prices, the process was perfect they have recorded why the HAL dialogue was abandoned. They have recorded that offset suppliers are recorded by Dassault: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Rafale"

Update at 14:48 PM
9 months ago

Speaking of the time required for the manufacture of these aircrafts Arun Jaitley said, "HAL told UPA that they would require 2.7 times higher man-hours compared to the French side for the manufacture of the aircraft in India. Until then, Pakistan and China combat would improve their ability and our Air-force would keep waiting. When time increases by 2.7 times, even the price elevates."

Update at 15:38 PM
9 months ago

Detailing the price scheme of the aircraft, Union Minister Arun Jaitley clarified the price difference of a bare aircraft and that of a weaponised one. 

Finance Minister said, "On price is of a bare aircraft, an aircraft is a mere flying instrument and not a weapon. Another price is for the weaponised aircraft, where weapons are fitted. In 2007 an offer was received, the offer of 2007 had both the prices and we have already told the price of the basic aircraft."

"If we disclose the price of the weaponised aircraft then even the enemy would know the type of the weapon, along with that would be a breach of the contract. Price is never firm, every year the price escalates," he added.  

Update at 15:00 PM
9 months ago

Lok Sabha adjourned till 3.30 pm amid the protest during the discussion on Rafale jet deal.



Update at 14:59 PM
9 months ago

Speaking of the Rafale deal, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley accused the UPA government of taking the national security lightly. 

He said, "It is my allegation that the UPA government has played with the national security of the country."

Update at 14:51 PM
9 months ago

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Rafale lashed out at the Gandhi family for having their names involved in the AugustaWestland, National Herald and Bofors  

He said, "If the fingers point at you in AugustaWestland, National Herald and Bofors, then it is a bit too much. Today, they have the audacity to raise an allegation against us"


Update at 14:43 PM
9 months ago

Union Minister Arun Jaitley expressed his disappointment over Rahul Gandhi's address on Rafale deal

He said, "After hearing the lead speaker (Rahul Gandhi) on behalf of the Congress party are all utterly disappointed, the country is disappointed because every word he (Rahul) has said has belied in the face of the judgment of the Supreme Court. Normally as a society where judicial review is the last resort, here on every issue that the SC has said, and spoken very clearly and categorically, the lead speaker of the Congress party says he still has a view." 

Update at 14:40 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi to Centre:

"We demand a JPC. We know that PM Modi gave Rs 30,000 to AA (Referring to Anil Ambani). The country wants to know the truth."

Update at 14:30 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi to Centre:

"There are a few more questions. You snatched the contract from HAL and gave it to Anil Ambani. Earlier it was supposed to be made in Bengaluru, now all planes will be made in France.

As per media reports, Defence Ministry has asked the PM to not interfere in Rafale deal, is there any notification on this?

Also in the tape we can hear ex-Defence Minister saying that he has Rafale files in his home."


Update at 14:25 PM
9 months ago

Lok Sabha is adjourned.

Update at 14:22 PM
9 months ago

Sumitra Mahajan to Rahul Gandhi: "Authenticate the tapes and the transcription."

Rahul Gandhi backs down from playing the tape in the lower house.

Arun Jailtley says, "Because he can't authenticate hence he is now saying will not play tape. He is lying. If he Arun Jaican authenticate it then come and play the tape."


Update at 14:20 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi tries to play the audio tape which the Congress claims has Goa minister is claiming that CM Manohar Parrikar has all files on the Rafale deal .  He is sdeal. by Speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

Update at 14:15 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi to Centre:

"Why did you take contract from HAL, and give Mr Anil Ambani Rs 30,000 crore?"

Update at 14:13 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi to Centre:

"Why was the cost of the deal changed from Rs 526 crore to Rs 1600 crore? Does the Defence Ministry have objection to the new pricing?"

Update at 14:12 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi to Centre:

"Why was the number of aircrafts reduced from 126 to 36? Did the Air Force change the demand for the number of aircrafts or did you take the decision unilaterally? Why has no aircraft reached the Indian soil? Mr Parrikar himself said he had no idea about new deal."

Update at 14:05 PM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi begins his speech on the Rafale deal.

"Modi said no one is accusing him on Rafale deal. But this is not true. Entire nation is asking questions to him. 

The questions on Rafale deal are on three pillars -

  • Process 
  • Pricing
  • Paisa and Patronage"
Update at 14:04 PM
9 months ago

AIADMK MPs protest in Lok Sabha, storm the well.

Update at 14:00 PM
9 months ago

Mallikarjun Kharge initiates Debate on Rafale in the Lok Sabha.

Update at 13:46 PM
9 months ago

Manohar Parrikar denies that any such discussion on Rafale came up during the Cabinet meeting.


Update at 12:37 PM
9 months ago

Goa Minister Vishwajit Rane has claimed that the tape released by the Congress is doctored.


Update at 11:45 AM
9 months ago

Congress to demand that Rafale deal be probed by a JPC. 

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said: "Rahul will speak on the audio tape at 2 pm. Our demand will be only JPC."

Update at 11:05 AM
9 months ago

Congress has released an audio clip regarding Rafale and is claiming that Goa CM Manoj Parrikar has Rafale files in his bedroom. Randeep Surjewala, demanding the Centre to come clean on the issue, said, "Rafale is biggest scam of India and PM Modi is accountable for it. Dal kala nahi he poori dal kaali he." 

He also said that Manoj Parrikar has the Rafale files and demanded that Parrikar.

Update at 11:00 AM
9 months ago

Rahul Gandhi will speak at 2 PM in Lok Sabha.

Update at 11:00 AM
9 months ago

Prashant Bhushan, Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie moved the Supreme Court seeking review of the Rafale verdict on Wednesday. They state that the judgment passed by the Supreme Court is based on “incorrect facts” given by the government.

On December 14, the Supreme Court had dismissed all petitions seeking court-monitored probe into the Rafale fighter jet deal with France, saying that there was no occasion to doubt the decision-making process in the deal. The top court said it was not its job to go into the issue of pricing. The bench, headed by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan Gogoi, said that there is no need to conduct an investigation into details of Rafale pricing.
"We are satisfied that there is no occasion to doubt the process. Joint exercises have taken place and there is no element of financial benefits. Detailed scrutiny of Rafale Deal deal is not required," said CJI Gogoi.

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