National Approval Ratings: BJP-led NDA Projected To Clean Sweep Uttarakhand

Written By Narayan R | Mumbai | Published:

Just months ahead of the much-awaited Lok Sabha polls, Republic TV, in association with C-Voter, has come up with the fourth edition of the National Approval Ratings to determine how the elections could pan out should they be held in January.

Uttarakhand, which has five seats in the Lok Sabha, was clean sweeped by the BJP-led NDA in 2014. And as per the January edition of the National Approval Ratings, the situation is projected to remain the same.

With a vote share of 49.2%, the BJP is once again projected to clean sweep Uttarakhand, leaving the Congress-led UPA biting dust, despite a vote share of 33.5%. As for the Others, they are projected to win 17.3% votes.

Comparison to the previous editions:

NDA: Nothing has changed for the party/alliance which won all the seats in 2014. In each and every edition of the NAR, they have been projected to clean sweep the state with close to 50% of votes. And in January, it is projected to remain the same.

National Approval Ratings: NDA Predicted To Win All Five Seats In Uttarakhand

UPA: The Congress-led UPA, across all the editions of the NAR, has been projected to not win even a single seat. 

National Approval Ratings: NDA Soars High In Uttarakhand

Others: Barring the October edition of NAR, in which they were projected to win 19.3% of votes, the Others have been projected to win zero seats with 17.3% vote share in the subsequent editions.

National Approval Ratings: NDA Projected To Win All Five Seats In Uttarakhand

(The results of 2019 Lok Sabha elections may or may not reflect the results or scenarios of the state assembly elections, nevertheless, to establish where we stand at present, Republic TV and CVoter has presented the National Approval Ratings.)