Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar (Getty)
Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar (Getty)


Opinion | Tharoor's Goons Intimidated Us

Written By Abhishek Nair | Mumbai | Published:

Here's the story that Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor does not want revealed. The story of how his goons harassed me, a Republic TV reporter. They threatened to beat my cameraperson black and blue and told him his camera would be smashed to pieces. And, all this was caught on our cameras. 

It started a few days ago when Shashi Tharoor moved court against us in Kerala. I tried approaching him for a simple answer at the court but what happened next shocked me. 

He mocked us, and had his goons pounce on us, his men grabbed me and threw me on his car. The brute behaviour of his men made our resolve to get an answer from him even more resolute, hence we reached his office, where his men brazenly lied to us. 

His men gave us one lie after another on his whereabouts, ranging from "he’s not in India, to his meeting with the Governor." 

We then set out to meet the Governor at the Raj Bhawan where the guards told us that Tharoor was not there and had not taken any time with the head of State. 

Shocked, we now leave for Tharoor’s home, his most-guarded fortress. It’s here that his goons intimidate, threaten, abuse us for hours, even more shocking: they steal our car keys. 

From 14:10 to 16:48, they mocked at us and threw leaves on me. They threaten my video journalist that they will beat him and break his camera. They threaten that student association members were being called in.   

To intimidate us further, they stole our car keys, all our expensive camera equipment, bags, money were in the car. When we asked for our keys, we were mocked. In my decade of journalism, I had never seen such an arrogant behaviour. They had a free hand to intimidate us and they sure did. 

Little did they know that I wouldn’t leave — no matter how much they intimidated us — till we asked our question to Tharoor. We waited, finally he came out, heard my question and drove away. Again, his goons formed a chain around his car.

How will Shashi Tharoor explain this in the court of law? 

Rhythm Bhardwaj is the Legal Editor of Republic TV.