Politico-legal Storm In Delhi After CBI Vs Mamata Stand-off In Kolkata: LIVE Updates Here

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:
Intense developments have taken place in the CBI versus Kolkata police stand-off that broke out in the West Bengal capital on Sunday night, with the action now shifting - both in terms of politics and legally - to New Delhi.
Update at 6:37 PM
6 months ago

A three-judge bench of CJI, Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Sanjeev Khanna has been constituted to hear the CBI plea tomorrow.

Update at 6:08 PM
6 months ago

CBI filed a contempt plea in the Supreme Court against Chief Secretary of West Bengal, Director General of Police and Police Commissioner for wilful and deliberate violation of apex court orders.

The plea of CBI seeking initiation of contempt of court proceedings against West Bengal Chief Secretary Malay Kumar De, DGP of West Bengal Virendra and Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar said that CBI has been conducting investigation as per the apex court’s order and CBI has found substantial evidence against Kolkata Police Commissioner, for which it sent summons to him.

The plea says summons were not responded properly by the Police Commissioner and he was found to be destroying evidence pertaining to the case.

The non-cooperation of Rajeev Kumar was brought to the notice of DGP West Bengal, however, neither the DGP nor Police Commissioner cooperated.

CBI is investigating this case under hostile environment and non-cooperation from state of West Bengal and it’s agencies/departments, said the plea.

The petition added that despite the non -cooperation the CBI is conducting investigation diligently and disturbing developments forced the CBI to approach the top court.


Update at 5:30 PM
6 months ago

In a super exclusive expose, Republic Bharat has accessed a set of letters that prove the following:

  • That the CBI had reached out to the West Bengal government for cooperation in the Saradha case.
  • The CVC had urged the CBI to take necessary action against the relevant Kolkata Police officials.
  • That Mamata Banerjee's CP was summoned by the CBI
  • That the CBI had informed the Kolkata Police about the operation that took place on Sunday night
Update at 3:48 PM
6 months ago

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is holding a press brief to address the issue

He said: 

Corrupt Gatbandhan

This gatbandhan of corrupt those who are accusing us of acting with a political vendetta, they need to clarify, is acting against corruption is a crime?

A commissioner-level public servant sitting in a Dharna is unprecedented. What is going in the country?

Money trail must be investigated and what the regulatory bodies did should also be probed.

Rajeev Kumar was leading the SIT when it was formed on April 26, 2013. Few left leaders and some Congress supporters went to supreme court on 9th of May 2014 directed CBI to investigate Narda, Sharada and rose valley scam.

20 lakh people lost their money in the chit fund scam in West Bengal, This is what Rahul Gandhi had said in 2014.

All alliance partners who are supporting Mamata ji, already have cases against them. Mamata ji has become completely demoralised by the unflinching support of the people of West Bengal for the cause of the BJP. Mamata ji presenting herself as a leader of Mahagatbandhan

CBI Investigation on Police Commissioner 

What is special about this Police Commissioner that she has taken a leap to his defence? The total circumstances indicate that this police commissioner knows a lot and he needs to be saved.

What TMC is saying they (CBI) entered without a warrant is totally absurd. The police commissioner was summoned thrice earlier but he did not turn up. When the larger conspiracy will be probed, much more will come to light. Rajeev Kumar was summoned trice for three years but didn't turn up so what you expect that CBI team will go there after informing him. 

All these are happening are not attack Federal principal or anything with political vendetta but to investigate the scam. Mamata ji herself and her government are saving corrupt people so that a fair probe not be carried out. 

The democracy is being choked, Mamata ji said CBI cannot enter West Bengal. When they had no way out, notices were sent to the CBI Officers. 

Update at 3:08 PM
6 months ago

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan adding to the CBI issue questioned as to why Mamata Banerjee is opposing the inquiry if she's so 'fearless' further citing that those who 'steal are afraid' 


Update at 2:57 PM
6 months ago

The chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee addresses the media from her dharna spot

She said: 

The artists who have come here, they will serenade the people with their music. This protest is not against any particular agency, this is against the atrocities of the Modi government. 

Modi government trying to break the unity of this country. There is no political issue here. Across India, all political parties are supporting us, I am thankful to all of them. It is a collective fight. If the CBI would have abided by the law, I wouldn't have had any problems but that is not being practised.

I respect the judiciary, whoever is going against BJP, they are using the agency against them

Update at 2:41 PM
6 months ago

A confidential report prepared by West Bengal Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi has been sent to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).


Update at 2:36 PM
6 months ago

A protest rally by TMC from Kanchenjunga Stadium will be held in Siliguri at 3 PM 

Update at 2:20 PM
6 months ago

Ex-Joint Director CBI S Sen said, "Politicians may like to use CBI but agencies shouldn't allow themselves to be used. The only solution to cases like these is, it should be put before CBI Special Court where FIR has been filed. I don't understand why in this case CBI did not approach Special Court."


Update at 2:02 PM
6 months ago

DMK Parliament leader and RS MP Kanimozhi to reach Kolkata by 6 PM on Monday to extend DMK's support to Mamata Banerjee's dharna.


Update at 1:56 PM
6 months ago

GJM leaders led by Binay Tamang to join Mamata's dharna on Tuesday.

Update at 1:50 PM
6 months ago

Opposition meeting on United India in Ghulam Nabi Azad's room in Parliament at 4:30 PM on Monday after extending their support to Mamata Banerjee's dharna 

Update at 1:48 PM
6 months ago

In a series of tweets, Salman Khurshid questioned the NDA government of its commitment to Federalism. 

He said, "Every passing day, nay minute, this govt gives another reason for showing it the door: broken promises, misleading expectations, contempt of the law and Constitution, dividing society, abusing great leaders, distorting history, killing democracy."   


Update at 1:43 PM
6 months ago

Does anybody care about the country? Elections are coming. People are worried about votes, not the country. I can only tell you, this is all about a month. Everything will be forgotten in a month: CM Nitish Kumar

PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti expresses solidarity with Mamata Banerjee. 


Update at 1:42 PM
6 months ago

The elected CM of UP was not allowed to enter West Bengal. Every worker of BJP is constantly being threatened. Every political party should conduct itself in a way that all the other political parties are free and have the opportunity to function, which the TMC is denying: Raksha Mantri Nirmala Sitharaman



Update at 1:33 PM
6 months ago

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad will be conducting a news brief at 3:30 PM on Monday

Update at 1:24 PM
6 months ago

Kolkata Commissioner of Police Rajeev Kumar moves Calcutta High Court

6 months ago

Intense developments have taken place in the CBI versus Kolkata police stand-off that broke out in the West Bengal capital on Sunday night, with the action now shifting - both in terms of politics and legally - to New Delhi.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the CBI's plea against the Kolkata Police at 10:30 am on Tuesday, with the CJI assuring strict action on the under-spotlight Kolkata CP Rajeev Kumar if evidence of wrongdoing is presented against him.

Meanwhile, amid chaos in Parliament Home Minister Rajnath Singh called the incident 'unprecedented'. He had spoken to the Governor of West Bengal about the matter on Sunday evening as the CBI team was arrested.

Home Minister said, "This incident is unprecedented in the country's history. Supreme Court has given this authority to CBI to investigate Saradha case. Through Saradha group has seized the income of lakhs of poor. I have spoken to Bengal Governor. I have told him to send a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs on yesterday's incident."

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A BJP delegation has also gone to the Election Commission alleging 'undemocratic' means being applied by the Mamata Banerjee-led government to prevent the BJP from conducting poll rallies and rath yatras in the lead up to the 2019 elections.

Additionally, new CBI Director Rishi Kumar Shukla has taken up his post.

Mamata Banerjee has been sitting on a dharna since 9 pm on Sunday night, having also been joined there by Rajeev Kumar. She unleashed a number of attacks against the Modi government even emotionally stating that she wasn't afraid to die but would save democracy. Opposition leaders issued tweets and made phone calls to her assuring their support, while BJP leaders sought the imposition of Governor's rule over the CBI being obstructed. The West Bengal CM held a meeting of her cabinet at the Dharna spot on Monday morning. The West Bengal budget was due to be presented on Monday .