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'There Must Be Peace': Congress MLA Claims Afghan People 'will Be Happy' Under Taliban

Congress MLA Ansari said, following withdrawal of American & British forces from Afghanistan, Afghans will now feel happy and peaceful under Taliban's rule



Aftermath the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan, international and national politics have been brewing on the issue. The latest entrant in the list of Taliban sympathizers is a Congress MLA from Jharkhand, who gave a contentious statement on the Taliban's takeover.

Speaking to ANI on Friday, Congress MLA Irfan Ansari said that following the withdrawal of American and British forces from Afghanistan, the people of Afghanistan will now feel happy and peaceful, as they had to face several atrocities under UK & US forces.

UK & US Forces harassed Afghans, people will be happier under Taliban’s regime: MLA Ansari

Condemning the British and American troops, he said that they were harassing the women and children in Afghanistan and now the atmosphere in Afghanistan will be more peaceful after the Taliban's takeover.

"American forces are committing atrocities in Afghanistan. The truth is something else there and the people of Afghanistan are happy now. The American forces were harassing mothers sisters and children there. The fight is against them."

Adding further, Ansari ignorantly said that he is not concerned about the happenings in Afghanistan. He said that he is rather more concerned about the issues being faced by the people of Jharkhand. Stepping up his condemnation, he said that the US and British forces have committed atrocities in every place they've served. He told ANI,

"I am an Indian, what do I have to do with the Taliban or Afghanistan? I have been seeing the reports in the media that American forces have been withdrawn from Afghanistan  & the British forces have been chased away. Wherever American and British forces go,  they only commit atrocities that too on an unimaginable extent. I believe, now that the American and British forces are gone, so there must be peace in Afghanistan."

American forces complete evacuation, Afghanistan fully under Taliban’s control

Days after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, the United States on Monday completed its withdrawal from the war-torn country, ending America’s longest war. During a Pentagon press conference, US Central Commander General Kenneth McKenzie announced the US departure from Afghanistan. After the Taliban gained control of the war-torn country earlier in August, the situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating. The Afghan government collapsed on August 15.

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