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Trinamool Congress 'reconstitutes' Its Hindi Cell Ahead Of 2021 West Bengal Polls

The Trinamool Congress 'reconstitutes' its Hindi Cell on Monday, just months ahead of the 2021 assembly polls in West Bengal.

Trinamool Congress

The Trinamool Congress 'reconstitutes' its Hindi Cell on Monday, just months ahead of the 2021 assembly polls in West Bengal. Rajya Sabha MP Dinesh Trivedi has been appointed as Chairman and Vivek Gupta as President of TMC Hindi Cell. The cell will have a 3-tier structure; a State Level Central Coordination Committee, a District Level Committee and a Block Level Committee.

 The move comes on the occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’ where West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also urged the Centre led BJP government to include Bengali as a classical language under the National Education Policy(NEP)2020.

“We believe this would ensure greater representation to people from the Hindi community within the party, provide a platform to make suggestions, address their grievances and make them active stakeholders in Smt Mamata Banerjee’s cause for furthering all-round development in Bengal. The Hindi Cell would actively strive towards strengthening Hindi Education, Culture and overall welfare of the community in Bengal. We believe the work that began in 2011, will only get greater impetus through this reconstituted Hindi Cell,” read the statement of the TMC Hindi Cell which also goes on state that Mamata Banerjee was the first Chief Minister in West Bengal to give Hindi the status of an official language in West Bengal in 2012.  

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Earlier in the day, the state's Chief Minister herself took to social media to send warm wishes on Hindi Diwas and how her government had recognized Hindi as an official language in Bengal. Asking the Centre to take a cue from her policies, Mamata Banerjee went on to say, “GoWB has constantly persevered to undertake inclusive development for all by giving recognition to Hindi, Urdu, Gurmukhi, Ol Chiki, Rajbanshi, Kamtapuri, Kurukh languages. I urge the Centre to follow suit by also including Bengali as a classical language in NEP 2020.” 

West Bengal is scheduled to have its assembly polls sometime between April and May in 2021 if the corona pandemic does not delay it. With Bharatiya Janta Party trying to console the Hindi speaking population in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee's latest move will definitely be monitored closely by the BJP ahead of the grand finale of 2021 assembly elections.

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